Stephen Amell Teases Ruby Rose's Batwoman Costume

Arrow star Stephen Amell is teasing Ruby Rose's costume as Batwoman in the Arrowverse. The CW recently announced that the Orange is the New Black and John Wick: Chapter Two actress will play the first ever live-action Batwoman. Rose will debut in the upcoming annual Arrowverse crossover with Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl with the option for her to headline her own superhero series down the line.

Rose's casting has been met with a mixed response. A vocal section of the fanbase drove the actress off  Twitter with their opposition to the casting. However, the face of The CW's superhero universe, Stephen Amell, is fully on board with Rose as Batwoman. It can also be inferred, from Amell's Twitter, that the experience of putting on the Batwoman suit for Rose was very emotional.

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Amell, more than any other Arrowverse star, has always been very active on his Twitter. The onset of a new season of the Arrowverse consists of a lot teases, insights and general musings from the Arrow star. After Amell teased that he's made an effort to make his beard look more comic-accurate for Arrow season 7, he wrote about someone trying on their superhero costume for the first time. See his tweet below.

Since Amell has been with the Arrowverse from the very beginning, he's obviously very vague in his tease. There's nothing that directly points at Rose being the "someone" who tried on their superhero suit for the first time. Indirectly, however, there's a lot to suggest that Rose is the actress to whom Amell is referring. At this point in Arrow's history, every single member of the regular cast has or currently does wear a superhero suit. The only series regular who doesn't play a costumed hero in Arrow season 7 is Emily Bett Rickards, but her character of Felicity Smoak did suit up in a Legends of Tomorrow episode, which took place in an alternate reality. In other words, no one in the regular cast of Arrow would be wearing a superhero suit for the first time so that does suggest it's Rose.

It's not all too surprising that The CW is (potentially) having Rose put on her superhero costume. Part of the casting process undoubtedly involved screen tests which saw Rose put on prototype Batwoman suits. It would only be natural to have the finished suit ready as soon as her casting was officially announced. It is, however, interesting that Amell was evidently on hand to see Rose suit up for the first time. As no other Arrowverse star, including Amell, has teased it, it's unlikely that the crossover event where Batwoman will debut is currently filming. This suggests that Batwoman might be teased in Arrow before she makes her proper debut in the crossover. Of course, the equally likely (if much more boring possibility) exists that Amell, just out of curiosity, managed to be on hand for Rose's first Batwoman fitting.

There's also a slim chance that Amell isn't referring to Rose at all with his tweet. Arrow is casting several new characters for season 7, one of whom could be a new female vigilante. Season 7 will open with Oliver Queen behind bars and the trailer has already teased a new Green Arrow operating in his absence. The new Green Arrow could just be the tip of the superhero iceberg. It's very possible that Batwoman won't be the only major Arrowverse hero to arrive.

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Arrow season 7 premieres October 15 on The CW.

Source: Stephen Amell

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