Batwoman's Superhero Ex-Girlfriend Returning To DC?

Renee Montoya The Question

Warning: SPOILERS for Batwoman #17

Batwoman's ex-girlfriend, Renee Montoya, might be back on her way to becoming DC superhero - The Question. Renee Montoya has had an interesting history in DC Comics. Renee was first created for Batman: The Animated Series but actually appeared in the comics ahead of her television debut. Initially she was very much a side character. However, Renee got a huge spotlight in the series Gotham Central and later in the huge weekly event, 52.

It was during 52 that Renee's romantic history with Batwoman's alter ego, Kate Kane, was explored and Renee took the mantle of superhero The Question. Since the reboot of the New 52, The Question has been mostly missing from DC canon. However, Batwoman #17 could be planting the seeds for The Question making her return to DC Comics.

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Unlike The Question who has only appeared in a couple of comics post-New 52, in stories that may no longer be canon, Renee has popped up before Batwoman #17. Renee made her first brief appearance in Batwoman #1, back in 2011. Outside of a few appearances in Detective Comics though, Renee has been mostly on the outskirts of DC continuity. This is until Batwoman #17 which puts Renee (and her relationship with Kate Kane) very much front-and-center.

When GCPD headquarters is attacked, Batwoman launches into action to help save Renee. Renee doesn't need much rescuing, she's still as capable as ever. However Batwoman's intervention does start the two former / possible future girlfriends working a case together. The case, which involves a mysterious new drug and a villain will a preoccupation with time, has Renee and Kate get as close as they've been physically and emotionally in years.

There's all the heavy flirting and banter that's typical between Renee and Kate, or at least used to be typical. Renee and Kate's former romance, which ended because Renee wasn't out of the closet, is still a part of DC canon. Yet the interaction between the two characters have been very minimal post-Flashpoint. This is why there's a lot of reason to get excited about their team-up in the pages of Batwoman #17, especially as Batwoman is getting a bit of popularity surge  with her coming to the Arrowverse next season.

In Batwoman #17, Renee is very much the character that fans should remember in the pre-Flashpoint era of DC Comics. She's smart, fierce and the perfect balance to Batwoman. If Renee and her relationship with Batwoman is getting such a spotlight in Batwoman #17, it's reasonable to assume that The Question can't be that far behind.

Batwoman #17 isn't the only evidence that DC could ready to dip their toe back into the waters of Renee Montoya as The Question. Current Superman writer, Brian Michael Bendis was asked on Twitter if he'd ever consider writing The Question. Bendis responded by revealing that plans are already in motion for The Question to appear in Action Comics #1005.

It's very possible that The Question that shows up in Superman's adventures will be the original faceless private eye, Vic Sage. Renee Montoya took over the position of The Question AFTER Vic died of cancer. However, Bendis created Marvel's Jessica Jones and he has a long history of writing acerbic, witty and grizzled female detectives. Renee Montoya as The Question would make far more sense and be more "on brand" for Bendis than Vic Sage.

Even if Renee doesn't become The Question again, Batwoman #17 suggests that the future is very bright for Batwoman and Renee reuniting as a crime-fighting couple in some capacity. Renee Montoya doesn't need to be The Question to work alongside superheroes.

Batwoman #17 is available now from DC Comics.

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