Batwoman: 10 DC Characters From Kate Kane’s Mythology We Hope To See Introduced

The CW launched its new fall season with the arrival of the next entry in the Arrowverse with Ruby Rose’s Batwoman. Following her debut in the Elseworlds crossover last year, Rose is back as Kate Kane who becomes Gotham City’s new guardian angel. Given that she is related to Bruce and operates in the same city as the Dark Knight, the two Bat-heroes definitely share a lot in their respective mythologies, including characters.

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However, through her comic history, there are several characters that are more Batwoman characters than Batman ones. As we get further into her series, there are several characters from the Batwoman comics we hope to see show up. Perhaps even a Batman character or two that might be suited for a Batwoman story. These are the ten characters we hope to see show up in The CW series.

10 Sister Shard

A foe that could benefit from being fleshed out on the show is Sister Shard. Serving as a monk in the Order of the Stone, a division of the Religion of Crime, she is someone Kate clashes within several of her comics. While the Order of the Stone could be introduced as a way to set up the Religion of Crime, Sister Shard could serve as the main threat from that group.

9 Weeping Woman

Inspired by the Mexican folk tale “La Llorona": the Weeping Woman is one of the more supernatural foes in Kate’s rogue’s gallery. Maria Salvaje a.k.a. the Weeping Woman has quite the tragic backstory of how she came to be after drowning her own kids.

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With such a complex character background, seeing Kate deal with a villain like Weeping Woman would be incredibly compelling. How would she handle the Weeping Woman?

8 Wolf Spider

Another foe that exists in Kate Kane’s mythos is actually a personal one for her in the form of Evan Blake a.k.a. Wolf Spider. Portrayed as an art thief, Wolf Spider could serve as a dilemma of a villain for Kate. While she never found out his identity in the books, how would things turn out if she found out on the show? If allowed a couple of episodes as a mini-arc, someone like Wolf Spider would make for a strong challenge for Kate to take on.

7 Maggie Sawyer

One of Kate’s love interests in the comics is with Maggie Sawyer who is originally from the Superman mythology. Their romance was one of the bigger storylines in the Batwoman comics. What’s tricky with bringing in Maggie into the show is that Supergirl has already introduced her. Played by Floriana Lima, this Maggie got into a romantic relationship with Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) as the Girl of Steel’s sister came in terms with her sexuality. Since their break-up in the third season, Maggie hasn’t made a single appearance.

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With Alex being together with Kelly Olsen (Azie Tesfai), having Maggie return wouldn’t make a lot of sense. But bringing over this Maggie on to Batwoman also doesn’t work. That’s why, if TPTB really wants to bring in Maggie, they’d do it after Crisis on Infinite Earths. Not only could the history between Alex and Maggie be erased, but a new actress could take over to play a rebooted version of the character. If Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) world is merging with the main Arrowverse Earth, then it could work to have a new version of Maggie enter Kate’s life. It’d also be appreciated if the character could remain Latina and have an actual Latina actress be cast this time around.

6 Bloody Mary

At some point in the series, we do hope to see Kate take on threats that are a bit more fantastical or supernatural. One of her foes in the comics is Bloody Mary who is an actual folklore ghost. Depicted as a deadly spirit, the villain is able to manifest if her name is said three times in front of a mirror. It would be a powerful horror story for Kate and her (eventually big) team to solve in a series of episodes. This would also be Batwoman’s gateway into the magical element as Bloody Mary was given her gifts by Medusa.

5 Phantasm

One of the best villains in the Batman lore was actually not created in the comics but in a brilliant animated film. In Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, the character Andrea Beaumont a.k.a. the Phantasm (Dana Delany) was created for the Batman: The Animated Series theatrical film. Introduced as a villain who also evolves into an anti-heroine, Andrea was part of Bruce’s (Kevin Conroy) early days as the love that never worked out.

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Andrea is actually about to make her official DC Comics debut in January 2020 in Tom King’s upcoming Batman/Catwoman book. A complex character like Phantasm could make for some deep storytelling on Batwoman. Whether they included her history with Bruce or not: Andrea could serve as an interesting rival for Kate in Gotham City.

4 Knife

One of the storylines in the DC Rebirth series for Batwoman was the evil force known as Kali Corporation a.k.a. The Many Arms of Death. This terrorist organization was all about dealing with illegal weaponry that takes Kate on an international journey. One of the primary characters is the assassin Knife who served as an enforcer for Safiyah Sohail. While the comic didn’t do too much for her character, the show could be a perfect platform for the Knife character to be fleshed out as well as Kali Corporation.

3 Julia Pennyworth

Many may not know this interesting fact about Batman’s famous butler, but Alfred Pennyworth actually has a daughter. In 2014, Julia Pennyworth was re-introduced into the DC Universe as Alfred’s daughter who is also an SSR agent. This version of Julia ends up working with the Bat-family and becomes a big ally to Kate in DC Rebirth. With Alfred’s whereabouts currently being unknown in the TV show, Julia would be a perfect fit to join Kate’s team while also addressing Alfred’s status.

2 Religion of Crime

This would probably be suited for a second season, but the Religion of Crime is something that has to be introduced at some point. What this secret organization is capable of would allow for the series to flesh out its current tone that is really grounded. The first season could end with a teaser of their existence to set up season two. Introducing them would make the series a lot darker than it already is because of what they're capable of as villains.

1 Renee Montoya

While Rosie Perez is set to play Renee Montoya in the upcoming Birds of Prey film, the character is a big figure in the Batwoman mythology. Defined as one of Kate’s biggest loves, the character is currently not allowed to appear in the series according to showrunner Caroline Dries due to the film. What about in future seasons? Renee is someone that in one way or another has to show up on the show at some point. Whether it’s as a love interest for Kate or perhaps even acting as The Question, a Batwoman show without a single reference or appearance of Renee would feel weird.

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