Batwoman Season 1 Will Feature Batman Villain Hush

It's been revealed that the CW's upcoming Batwoman series will feature megalomaniacal Batman villain Hush in its first season. For any viewers on the fence about the Arrowverse's latest, Hush's particularly dark backstory should be at least somewhat reassuring.

Wrapped in bandages to hide his identity from childhood friend Bruce Wayne, brilliant surgeon Tommy Elliot dons the alternate persona of Hush when he decides to act on his lifelong grudge against Gotham's protector. Having been irrationally jealous of Wayne's involuntary inheritance of his parents' fortune after their murder, Elliot first killed his abusive father as a child and later murdered his frail mother - both of which Elliot successfully framed as freak accidents. Despite his newfound immense wealth, Elliot's internalized hatred pushes him to return to Gotham, manipulate and intimidate some of the city's most feared supervillains, and attempt to kill Wayne, who Elliot discovers to be the Dark Knight along the way.

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At 2019 San Diego Comic-Con (which Batwoman star Ruby Rose is regrettably unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts), executive producer Caroline Dries shared new information and fielded audience questions. In the process, CBR reports that Dries divulged the exciting news that Hush's origin story will be explored during the show's first season. Still named Tommy Elliot in Batwoman, it seems that the troubled man will instead be masked protagonist Kate Kane's friend-turned-rival, but it's still unknown how differently Elliot's descent into the mad killer Hush will be handled in the TV adaptation. Alluding to deeper changes to Hush and other characters in Batwoman, Dries said, "We're trying to find a different angle into these characters... so we're introducing the character of Tommy Elliot, who becomes the villain Hush."

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Of course, the CW's Arrowverse has always been mild in terms of violent and sexual content, so there will definitely be limits on what elements from Hush's character as portrayed in the comic books and this year's standalone animated film will make it into the upcoming show. It's also unclear how important Batwoman's iteration of Hush will be to the show's story, especially when considering how the series will tie into the Arrowverse's coming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event.

Regardless, fans of the character that are already chomping at the bit to see Kate Kane's vigilantism brought to cable are likely ecstatic to learn of Hush's inclusion. Arriving in October, viewers will soon find out what other surprises Batwoman has in store for them.

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Source: CBR

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