Batwoman: 10 Characters We'll Never See On The Show


The CW's Batwoman is now firmly part of the Arrowverse. After a few episodes have now aired, it's clear that the show will be moving forward with some classic Gotham city villains. With both Alice and Hush appearing so far, the sky is the limit for what could come next.

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However, there are actually a number of other limits that may stop the showrunners from using some of the villains they want to use. With so many moving pieces in the larger DC company, often it may be impossible to use a character that could fit into a storyline perfectly. We're therefore taking a look at 10 DC villains that we'll probably never see in Batwoman because of various constraints.


The Joker is in the public consciousness at the moment due to the fantastic performance by Joaquin Phoenix. There have been so many on-screen depictions of the Joker already, that DC executives may want to limit the use of the character in the future.

Batwoman and indeed the larger Arrowverse doesn't need the Joker. Whereas other series might benefit from a dose of the clown prince of crime, the CW series may be better off without him. He may overshadow many of the other characters and villains and finding yet another actor to play this role could be incredibly difficult.


Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

Unlike the Joker, Harley Quinn has only ever been officially portrayed in live-action one time. Although she is set to hit the big screen again very soon, it's unlikely we will get to see her as part of Batwoman. In the past, the character has actually been teased in the Arrowverse.

However, along with the Suicide Squad, the character was considered too important to be put to the small screen, especially when she is enjoying success in blockbuster movies. As long as Margot Robbie continues to play the role, it's unlikely we will get a different TV iteration.


Ra's Al Ghul was a key part of Arrow. We've discussed in the past that we would love to see Kate Kane face the immortal leader of the League of Assassins. However, during his run as the main villain on Arrow, Ra's Al Ghul actually met his demise.

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It is of course likely that the character could be brought back in some way. The Lazarus Pit has been used many times already to revive the dead. But, Ra's Al Ghul has been dead for far too long. The pit works best on someone who recently died and so the rules of the universe dictate that he'll probably never come back.


It seems like DC is eyeing the Penguin as one of the villains in the upcoming Batman film. We've also seen a great adaptation of the character in FOX's GothamHe's a pretty iconic part of the Batman rogues gallery, but is he necessary for this CW show.

The character is at risk of overuse. There's no much more that can be done with Cobblepot right now. Inserting him into the Batwoman show would feel forced and like the showrunners are simply trying to play off Batman's greatest hits. We'll therefore probably never see Penguin.


Batman Hush Riddler Unmasked

The same can be said for the Riddler. In fact, we've already had a casting announcement for the upcoming Batman film and Edward Nigma was another key player in the world of Gotham. Once again, what else can be done with this character that would be original for the show?

If the CW writers want to maintain relevant and fresh, they are better off steering clear of villains like the Riddler. Alice and Hush are examples of this and it's probable that we'll never get to see the Riddler fight Batwoman. You can absolutely expect references to the criminal though.


Batwoman is a dark and gritty show. Clayface probably wouldn't be the villain best suited for the series. There are a lot of elements that need to be set up in order for the character to remotely work on this platform.

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It took Arrow many seasons before the concept of magical powers and metahumans really started. In a city full of pretty realistic crimes, Clayface would feel comically out of place. He's over the top and probably better suited for the Flash than Kate Kane.


Calendar Man is one of the most bizarre villains in DC comics. He has a number of date-based murders that he has committed in the past and he's the type of psychopath that would probably fit in perfectly into the world that Batwoman is creating.

But the character will never be seen within the series. The reason for this is that viewers probably wouldn't take the character seriously. It's a difficult character to portray and would have to be built up over a number of episodes to truly realize how dangerous he is. The show would never spend so much time on a c-list character though.


Catman in Secret Six

Speaking of C-list characters, Catman is definitely the bottom of the barrel in terms of villains. He is by far one of the cheesiest and least threatening characters in all of Batwoman's rogues gallery. The costume alone would be really difficult to adapt.

While there may a version of the character on the show one day, it will never actually be Catman. It's difficult to understand how this character would really work on screen. With the obvious connections to Catwoman as well, it might come with it an expectation that Selina Kyle will someday enter the Arrowverse; something that will also never happen.


Anarky Detective Comics

We've seen Anarky in the Arrowverse too. Oliver Queen also fought this Batman villain in the past. In fact, Anarky has actually been featured in multiple seasons. But the feud between the two is actually quite personal.

Anarky is currently in prison but there's every chance that he could escape. However, there's no real reason for the character to go after Batwoman. His goals now are mainly about vengeance on the Green Arrow and it would be difficult to sensibly fold him into a different CW show.


The female equivalent of Scarecrow is a little on the nose. With the series showing that women can do the same jobs as men, it would seem a little over the top to use the female version of Scarecrow as well. Especially since her comic book origin is far more complicated than a one-episode arc could portray.

By having Madame Crow, viewers may feel cheated that they don't have the real deal, rather than a rip-off of the Scarecrow, who was previously a victim of the fear gas he uses. The fear gas itself is a great weapon to employ in the series, but this character is far less interesting, especially if Crane himself isn't a part of her origin.

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