Batwoman: Rachel Skarsten Cast As Lead Villain Alice

The CW's Batwoman solo series - starring Ruby Rose as Kate Kane - casts Rachel Skarsten as the main villain Alice, the leader of the Wonderland Gang.

Ruby Rose's Batwoman TV series casts Rachel Skarsten as the main villain, Alice. The CW has become the go-to destination for DC content on the small screen with the creation of the Arrowverse. This interconnected universe of DC properties crossed over last year to bring characters from ArrowThe Flash, and Supergirl together. Their journey took them to Gotham City and brought about the introduction of Kate Kane (aka Batwoman).

Batwoman is the protector of Gotham in her universe, and fans of the Arrowverse responded very positively to her debut. This is exactly what The CW had been hoping for as plans to film a pilot for a solo Batwoman series were already in the works. It was earlier this year that The CW gave Batwoman an official pilot order, giving writer Caroline Dries and director David Nutter the opportunity to show why a full series order is needed. The pilot has been casting up recently ahead of filming beginning and they've now got the main villain role locked down.

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According to Deadline, Rachel Skarsten has been been cast in the lead villain role of Alice for Batwoman. Skarsten most recently had stints on Imposters and Reign, but also starred as Dinah Lance in the old Birds of Prey TV series, so this will not be Skarsten's first DC role. She is the latest addition to Rose's supporting cast and joins Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox (aka Batwing), Nicole Kang as Kane's step-sister Mary Hamilton, and Meagan Tandy as Kane's girlfriend Sophie Moore.

Alice is the leader of the Wonderland Gang, who get their name from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland books - just like their fearless leader. She typically speaks in phrases and quotes from the novels too. For the purposes of Batwoman, the report of Skarsten's addition describes Alice's personality as unpredictable, with swings between "maniacal and charming." Her life mission is said to be undermining Gotham's sense of security, which will put her in Batwoman's crosshairs.

However, the comic version of Alice can be taken a step further and could signal a major story point for Batwoman if it is adapted this way. It was eventually revealed that Alice's real name is Beth Kane, making her not only Kane's sister, but her twin; and she would eventually go on to become a more heroic figure as Red Alice. It will take far more than the pilot of Batwoman for such a story to unfold, so those hoping to see this saga play out will have to hope the pilot convinces The CW to green light more episodes.

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Source: Deadline

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