Battlestar Galactica Creator & Stars Reuniting at ATX

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Battlestar Galactica may have ended nearly a decade ago (in 2009), but that hasn't done anything to dampen the enthusiasm of the fans for the series. A big-screen adaptation of the sci-fi series has been in development for some years, and has started to gather steam at Universal. Last year, news broke that Michael DeLuca will be producing the film, with Lisa Joy reportedly writing the script, and Francis Lawrence tapped to direct.

Although the production is moving forward now, it's still not fast enough for Battlestar fans, who would love to see the return of the franchise as soon as possible. Luckily for them, there is a cast reunion in the works for the ATX Television Festival, and a reunion special also on the way.

The reunion will be happening this summer at ATX in Austin, TX, thanks to EW. The event is part of the EW/ATX partnership, which featured an Ugly Betty reunion special at last year's festival. At the reunion will be Ronald D. Moore (creator and executive producer) as well as cast members Edward James Olmos, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackhoff, Grace Park, Michael Hogan, Michael Trucco, and Mary McDonnell. The reunion is set for the evening of Saturday, June 10, and will be followed by a special on the EW streaming service, titled EW Reunites: Battlestar Galactica. 

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There is no info about exactly what the reunion will include, but it's likely that this will be a panel-style event at the festival where the cast and creator talk about the show and potentially answer fan questions. This was the set-up for the Ugly Betty event last year, and it's probable that the Battlestar reunion will follow the same format.

We can expect lots of questions on the upcoming film, and especially on if the TV cast is likely to appear on the big screen. In addition, the potential for a revival will definitely be a big topic of conversation, especially with the current vogue for revival series like Gilmore Girls and Prison Break. Whether or not the reunion means anything for the film or for a potential future series, it will be fantastic to see the cast and creator back together again.

However, this reunion shouldn't be taken as a sign that a revival series is on the way, or that the film is going to be moving forward any faster. Instead, this is just a fun event for ATX that is sure to bring in the sci-fi crowds.

ATX Television Festival is happening this year in Austin, Texas June 8-11 2017.

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Source: EW

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