Battlestar Galactica: Have We Been Dealt Major Spoilers?

This article has speculative premises that could be spoilers, and a definitive spoiler later on. Reader, beware!

Back in April 2008, I had thrown out my conjecture on who the last Cylon is in the upcoming final season of Battlestar Galactica on the Sci-Fi Channel. Screen Rant readers came through in droves and offered up many ideas and suggestions. I was humbled at your participation and it was awesome to see some of your ideas, and entertaining to see others. For instance, I'm going way out on a limb and saying Jack Black is not the last Cylon. :-)

Some of you presented fantastic reasoning behind your thoughts. Fantastic enough that it almost changed my own mind. I was on the Cylon bubble! Almost.

Back in April, the quote that got my wheels grinding was:

This has all happened before; and will all happen again."

I gave my reasons and how they evolved into my idea that "All of humanity is The Last Cylon." The course of history does manage to repeat itself, no matter what.

Of course, I always have a plan B. Plan B was Mr. Gaeta.

The biggest piece of bait that fed our imagination through all of this was that dang Last Supper image.

There's a goblet at an empty spot. Characters are pointing at each other (or something). Who really is technically at the table, etc., etc. Heck, even some inventive folks over at SpaceWesterns took an ingenious approach and manipulated the image by digitally folding it in spots (They used the two glasses on the table as fold references) and they came up with even more ideas from that new image. Zoinks! The possibilities are endless!

In July wrote about the last scene at the end of season 4.0. They believed they landed on earth and that "not all is as it seems in regards to Earth, or to be more accurate, the planet they landed on."

Edward James Olmos also said in an interview that the show does not have a happy ending. On top of that, if you remember the old man Cylon in the tank from Battlestar Galactica: Razor, some rumors said that might have been Daniel Graystone, and that info could be relevant to who the final Cylon might be. Graystone, in the BSG mythos, is the creative force who developed the Cylons.

At Comic-Con in San Diego, Ron Moore told me (OK, I was in the audience he was talking to) that the only clue we get to the final Cylon is that it’s someone we’ve seen before, who’s been on screen before. Well that really helped narrow it down Ron. Dag nabbit.

Hungry for more? Curious about any potential developments that are going to toss us on our ears?

On September 13th, an interview of Aaron Douglas will be in the October 2008 issue of SFX magazine, and they've got the interview over on Aaron Douglas

In the interview, Aaron said the following interesting bit:

"The four of the final five are one-offs. The original Cylons. Thousands of years ago, when there were 13 colonies on Kobol, 12 went that way and one went that way to find Earth - or create an Earth - and that colony was actually Cylons. They're individuals, there's no multiple models. The seven that we know are a different kind of Cylon that came much later. They're probably ten, 20 years old, born out of the metal machines that fought back 40 years ago in the Cylon wars of the 12 colonies. So they're essentially like the gods. And we were on the new Earth, and destroyed that and came back to the 12 colonies to rejoin humanity to find out the cycle of time."

Head slap!! That one statement seems to confirm what I said in April, but I'm not holding my breath yet. Is Aaron just messing with our heads? So even though I wasn't right about the last Cylon, I seem to have been onto something.

Over on, Cort and Fatboy, personalities from 101.1 KUFO in Portland, Oregon interviewed Aaron. I listened to the interview and came away with the following:


  • They will wrap a BSG movie at the end of September. (The Plan: Takes place 15 days before the Cylon attack, and it's from the perspective of the Cylons in the fleet.)
  • He describes himself like: "Think of him as a hung over Chief Tyrol."
  • During the show, Aaron didn't know if the writers were being secretive or don't know what they're doing until the last minute and make it up as they go.
  • He thinks that writers are nerds. But nerds are cool. (Nice cover, Aaron.)
  • The final five are considerably different.
  • In reference to the fact that no one really made any noise about Tyrol's baby: "I promise you, it gets dealt with in the back ten."
  • Why was the Bob Dylan song used: It gets covered in the back ten.
  • When the show ends, you will not want it to continue. It's the perfect ending to a show.
  • They asked him if we'll ever get to see the Cylon home world. Douglas said: "You did, at the end of season 4." Douglas says that the last 10 minutes of the season 4 closer hits on how the scriptures say they found other people and they're Cylons.
  • They asked why they have to wait so long for the last 10 episodes, and like Bamber, Douglas doesn't hold back about the NBC affiliate, The Sci-Fi Channel: "Because sci-fi has the best ideas on how to alienate their audience, in the history of TV. They do it better than anyone on the planet. It's fantastic. If you ever want to slow down the momentum of a show and piss off the audience, they've written the handbook." (Classic response Aaron. We love it here on Screen Rant.)
  • He originally auditioned for Apollo, then was called back for Gaeta.
  • Douglas' next project: The Bridge. A Canadian show. American networks are falling all over themselves to get to it.
  • He hasn't seen the final episode yet.

It's a great interview and he just chats with the guys like they're all one of the guys and yakking to yak. He's a drinker of sorts, and has a sailor's mouth to some degree. I liked it, and I'm not one to really enjoy interviews.

So the question still remains as to who the final Cylon is, but more to the point: Even if Aaron sounded believable and down to earth about it, is he tossing us a red herring? We're hungry enough to bite at anything these days, at least I am.

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