Battlestar Galactica: Some Disappointment & Final Opinions

Head Six and Head Baltar?

So what are Head Six and Head Baltar?

Moore said he never made any intentional effort to identify who or what they were. He said they could be angels or demons. They were always there for whatever purpose, whether it was good or bad.

I'm starting to think that there is so much incongruity that the incongruity was planned! Can you really plan for incongruity? Either way, it sounds like the Head spirits were planned scape goats. Or was Six's red dress significant in some way?

I get writing something and letting it develop organically, not knowing what is going to happen. I really do. I do it all the time (I'm writing hobby novels that will never see the light of day). But we need to put bows on our packages, Ron. That's what we all expect these days from our presents.

The Flashbacks

The flashbacks in the finale were intended to connect us more to the inspirations or inner thoughts of the characters. Filler. Kind of like that jelly in jelly donuts.

I didn't mind flashbacks. I mean, it is a character driven show so that makes sense. They filled in some fascinating moments of the characters past.

Now that I know that some of those flashbacks may have sacrificed other integral scenes that would have furthered the episode, like watching the Cylon colony ship get sucked into a black hole, I'm thinking that after 4 seasons, we already knew enough of some of this stuf. It could've been skipped over.

Although: I did enjoy the filler on Laura Roslin's intense family tragedy.

Kara Thrace

Kara Thrace's "death" was a shock, but her coming back had me pegging her for a Cylon. Of course now we know that's not the case. Moore said that Kara is whatever you want her to be. Whether it be an Angel, Messenger of God or whatever. He said that if they went beyond what they had, and tried to define her, it would have taken something away from her and make her less interesting.

For me, Thrace's story had a ton of loopholes, such as the child Kara drawing symbols of destiny. In the last few episodes, we watched this guiding "whatever" still in a self-discovery phase as she hallucinates about her father teaching her the music.  But then that experience was cheapened when I find out the ghost was seeing ghosts.

Yes, it put her in the right place to put in "whatever" coordinates to jump away from the Colony Ship, but it all seemed more like a fortuitous guessing game than a guiding destiny that leads them to "Earth."

This didn't pan out for me at all. If Thrace's story had been given a little bit more substance, maybe it or she would have meant something.  Instead she just pops out of existence. Add this to the Head ghosts in the end, and we have an awful lot of writer escape routes.

Actually, after all was said and done, Moore predicted that "... people are going to be pissed." Good call Moore. Your insightful talents are still top notch.

Did Anyone Have A Different Idea For An Ending?

Moore said that David Eick had a different idea for an ending!

Eick wanted everyone to arrive on present day Earth and when all was said and done, the White House would end up nuking the Galactica. Dang...

Were The Writers Writing On The Fly?

Yes, they were.

It's an approach Moore likes because he feels that writing on the fly gives the writers a more instinctive approach to where a story is going in that moment.

He knew the exact ending he wanted and felt that getting to that ending was the ride he intended for everyone to take. He admits there were loose threads (NO SH**!!!) but then says most shows have them.

The Logic Of It

I have to admit, if we accept the ideology of loose threads, then the finale definitely made the show exemplify that premise. What happened to "The Plan" the Cylons had? What happened to Kara Thrace leading humanity to their doom? Did everyone really dispense of all their technology to live out their lives? I can't imagine out of 30 thousand humans, everyone went along with that. Were these just other loose threads?

If we can really write awesome stories and not worry about endings and wrap ups, I think many of us have a future in screen writing!

I loved the trip that Battlestar Galactica took us on from day one. This show was intensely character driven. We followed everyone down their formidable paths. We watched them  persevere, despite the apparent odds. Despite the personal loss. After dealing with threats to humanity as a whole, we watched humanity deal with looming social issues. When the social issues came to rest, personal issues were explored. The finale delivered humanity (what was left of it did) to their safe haven. Regardless of the little things that distracted us. The lack of answers that we never received, or were hoping to receive.

In the end, life has no real answers. It's the journey that counts. We always add labels to events. It makes them more sensible. I think Battlestar Galactica reflected that perspective. And that reflection made the whole finale more palatable, otherwise, the last 15 minutes would have cheapened the entire ride for me.

Yet through the 6 years and the 4 seasons, the show was about the characters. We watched the characters develop and deal with life while they were in the middle of a harsh scenario.

I Hate Being Lied To, But Still Liked The Ride

To some extent, a part of me feels like we were lied to. We never got answers. We never got resolutions to some pretty big open threads.

But disappointments aside, you do have to admit that the ride was pretty intense. When all was said and done, Battlestar Galactica definitely got us talking. That in and of itself is something to consider. How many shows keep us talking after they end?

Now What?

So now I have one final curiosity. How will The Sci-Fi Channel fill this gap that is being left behind by Battlestar Galactica?

Will we be treated to replays? Will this be the new Twilight Zone marathon on holidays? Or will they find a new show that might be pretty good, get 3 seasons from it and draw that out to 6 years? Maybe Sci-Fi's Ghost Hunters can try to deal with the Head Six and Head Baltar mystery.

Thanks for reading this Screen Rant. I can't wait to hear some of your reflections on my opinions of the Battlestar Galactica finale and other details that I know I left out. Or did I?

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