Battlestar Galactica's Ronald D. Moore To Create 'Adult Harry Potter'

Ronald D. Moore is no stranger to genre television. He began his career as a writer and producer for series such as Star Trek (The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine & Voyager), HBO’s critically acclaimed Carnivale and Roswell.  In 2005 he and David Eick created the Battlestar Glactica reboot for Syfy. The series was both a critical and popular success. Moore developed another space-themed series for Fox last season, entitled Virtuality, which did not make it past its pilot airing. He now makes a move into the realm of fantasy.

Moore will produce a drama which is described as an “adult themed Harry Potter” police procedural for NBC. The project, from Sony TV (who Moore signed a two-year overall deal with this May), is reported to have received close to $2 million dollars in pilot and series penalties. It can become a fun trick of the mind to imagine exactly what an “adult themed Harry Potter police procedural” drama might look like.

As a devoted BSG fan however, I have absolute faith in Ronald Moore’s ability to turn a kernel of an idea into a creative gemstone. Some may not have been entirely pleased with series conclusion for Battlestar; but as a whole, BSG was one of the best Sci Fi series brought to life in recent years. The “New Caprica” storyline from season two was particularly compelling, so much so that it inspired a retrospective and discussion at the United Nations in 2009. Show themes such as human rights and terrorism were discussed at the conference.

Though the marketing descriptor may sound somewhat like a Saturday Night Live sketch, judging from Moore’s previous work, this series is bound to bring a one-two punch of creative ingenuity and surprising social relevance. It is also heartening to see that television executives are venturing further into the realm of fantasy. HBO’s Game of Thrones, a fantasy series based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, is another highly anticipated series due to premiere in 2011.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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