Battlestar Galactica Previews And... An Auction!

Battlestar Galactica season 4.5 is getting closer every day. For me, this is a first: I am actually anticipating a television shows return, despite how Sci-Fi has handled it. I've never been so antsy about a show before and to me, this is a testament to the writing, situations, suspense and every other detail.

It's been one heck of a ride and as it stands we have many questions. Primary ones are: Who is the last Cylon? Did they really find Earth? What's this whole "It's happened before" thing? Then we have a ton of little ones: What's up with Tyrol's child? What's up with the Bob Dylan song? Where's the Cylon home world? And many more little questions we probably don't even know we have until they slap us in the face with the answers.

My post about who the last Cylon is has been a total blast to participate in and I thank everyone for their thoughts and ideas. The only real clue given to us is that the last Cylon is not in that Last Supper picture. Great. Boxey isn't in the picture, so we can't rule him out yet. Or is the person who is not in the image a different version of a Cylon that is in the image? (Didn't think of that one, did you!?) No matter what, I hope one of us in that post comment section is right. It doesn't matter who, it would be neat to have a Screen Rant reader nail it.

Teased till we're teased out:Right now we're getting pummeled with teasers and previews on the internet and the air waves. If you don't watch the right networks at the right time, you might be missing the snippets coming from the new upcoming season of Battlestar Galactica. The commercials are mostly on the Sci-Fi Channel but I've also seen them on NBC networks.

The video snippets are enticing and are delivering emotional or psychological blows to my expectations of what's to come. Not that I made a lot of expectations, and my bet is that some of the videos are intentionally misleading, but you'll see what I mean. As it is, Edward James Olmos said in an interview that the show does not have a happy ending. Aaron Douglas dropped a few bombs on us too with statements like:

  • About Tyrol’s baby: “I promise you, it gets dealt with in the back ten.”
  • When the show ends, you will not want it to continue. It’s the perfect ending to a show.
  • Asked if we’ll see the Cylon home world. Douglas said: “You did, at the end of season 4.”

You can see that whole article at Have We Been Dealt Major Spoilers?

With what the cast are saying, I really am expecting nothing but death and mayhem with a humdinger of a twist that will probably make me happy it ended. But not in a bad way. Maybe I mean more of a satisfied, not wanting more, kind of ending because they answer all our questions.

Commentary on the teasers:Being that some of you may not have seen the previews, or possibly don't want to be spoiled in any little way, be warned that semi-spoilers (I think) will be chatted about from here on down.

There is a general clip titled The Epic Journey. It covers a lot of teasing premises and what I take away from this one is that it looks like the 4 of the final 5 Cylons are starting to get memories if they touch the ruins of the planet they found at the end of season 4.0.

Sneak Peak 1: Saul Tigh and Admiral Adama are in a room. Adama is really upset. He cocks a gun, drops it on a table and tells Col Tigh to "Sit down Cylon." This is something to see. I see this as an aspect of Adama: All those years... nothing but a lie? Betrayed? By one he thought was his friend all those years. Is he? Or isn't he? I think Adama tends to sort it out.

Sneak Peak 2: Tom Zarek, Lee Adama and Admiral Adama are speaking tensely. Zarek is running the government because it seems implied that Rosylin is otherwise not capable? Zarek says something about having the Cylon association shoved down their throats. This looks like an intense political underpinning in the works. Is Zarek being forced to into being the honest man he's really capable of?

The Truth: Why is Rosylin yelling out "I'm coming for all of you!"? Eesh. I have no clue on this one. Maybe she's upset at the Cylons? Maybe it's just one of those dreams of hers. Another scene we see Starbuck looking at something in a field. Leobon asking "What does it mean?" Yea! What does that mean? He is annoying the crap out of me. Can someone put him out of my misery already!

There's a second real short video I caught once on TV that I call "What Am I?" It sets many things in what would appear to be perspective. It's the field scene again, at a different moment in time from The Truth, and it looks like Starbuck is looking at a crash site. Is it what's left of her old Viper? We don't see the Viper, per se, but I think that's what this may be, because later on, she's screaming something "What am I?" Hmm. Probably a misleading teaser, but I'm being misled nicely, thank you! It could be a nightmare. She's bound to have those since she's so ungrounded in focus.

Man... everyone is angry around that place.

It's all rather perplexing and it's driving me to drink warm milk to calm down. But in time, we will find out what it all means. This final 1/2 season is going to make or break our perspectives on this show so it HAS to pay off. What I mean by that is: Doesn't an ending of a movie sometimes completely make or break your movie experience?

I did mention an auction earlier, didn't I? Fine.

The AuctionI hope you have an emergency play cash-stash that just lays in wait for something cool to come along, because cool is about to happen. As a prize for reading all the way through my opinions on these videos, let me toss a bone out there.

Would you like to own a Pegasus one-manned standing CIC Console? Or maybe some Galactica Hangar Bay Signs? How about the War Room lightbox map from "The Hand of God", or Raptor concept designs or even some Cylon Baseship interior concept art? Or what about Kara Thrace's Hummer Caprica License plate?

Yea, I thought I'd catch your attention with that one.

NBC/Universal is auctioning off props and other goodies from Sci-Fi's Battlestar Galactica show in a big two day event. It will be live on location at the Pasadena Convention Center (California) on January 17th and 18th, 2009. The auctions will be live on-line also. Whether you go in-person or sign on, I bet the competition will be stiff, and the end prices expensive. The last memorabilia auction that I was chatting about earlier this month broke some records with sales like Luke Skywalkers lightsaber netting $240 grand. Yes, that's a little out of my ballpark, but still! I want a Viper!

The first auction will have 800 items to drool over and dream about. Check out the catalog! They're focused on the idea of selling things across all budgets which means I'll probably win some bucket of dust from the set. So only go if you've got play money layin' around. I wouldn't want to hear about someone not having rent money because they checked this out.

With that said, here's the link: I am going off to get a lottery ticket or two and maybe I'll see you there.


One last thing

Battlestar Galactica begins airing on the Sci-Fi Channel on January 16th, 2009.

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