Battlestar Galactica Part I (Sci Fi channel)

Battlestar Galactica... I'm old enough to have seen the original when it was o?n with Lorne Greene as the kinda slow commander of the fleet and what's 'is name as the weepy looking Apollo. Didn't like it then, but I was willing to give it a shot again considering Ronald D. Moore was pretty much in charge and I've like some of his work and his attitude that's come across in interviews.

Gotta tell ya, I don't know what they were thinking with the first 45 minutes or so of this thing. Yes, we have to take the time to set things up, and it opened with a pretty cool scene where you see these uber-Cylons on screen. Ah, but then we see we're we'll be spending some time: pointless sex scenes. Seriously, I was confused. I can understand sex within context but it REALLY seemed like they just threw it at the wall to see if it would stick. The only point I could see was to "convince" us how indistinguishable a Cyclon is from a human.

There were some cool things in there, like the way they worked in the old-style Cylons and the old fighters from the original show. The concept of the Battlestar being 50 years old and kind of an antique was a nice way to fit some of that nostalgia in. There was some funny stuff in there as well as the ship is basically a floating museum complete with gift shops.

Once the Cylons attack things finally got cooking, and there was plenty of action and even some suspense in one of the space battle scenes. They're using some interesting camera work for the space battles that I haven't seen used for this type of thing. Interesting pans and zooms that are kind of jarring. I don't always like that, but it worked.

Some other nice touches for those of us with brains were the prominent displays of small jets located around the spaceships for maneuvering. Apparently the cockpit joystick works these instead of airfoils on the wings (useless in space, of course). The sound was also quite muted in the space scenes... not completely gone, but low enough to make you notice they were at least giving a passing thought to the vacuum of space and how there shouldn't be any sound.

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