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Last Week on Battlestar GalacticaFriday night's (Jan 23), episode No. 414 of Battlestar Galactica, written and directed by Ronald D. Moore, continued the dark path that humanity is spiraling down. This was Moore's directorial debut.

Adm. Adama is hoping to form a permanent alliance with the Cylons - the alliance would benefit both sides. Humans would be able to infuse the superior technology of the Cylons, while the Cylons would have Adama's protection when Cavil's splintered faction attacks. However there's dissent amongst the humans about the alliance and Tom Zarek is stirring that pot of angry emotion.

Gaeta is incredibly angry at all Cylons and is looking to Zarek for help with a mutiny... A mutiny that looks to be very ugly indeed.

Yet another shocker: Galen Tyrol finds out he's not the father of his child. Cally knew that, but didn't tell him. This means Nicholas is not a hyrbid, removing that curiosity from our minds!  That never even crossed my mind.

From what I see, the old relationship between Adama and Tigh has survived the revelation of Tigh's true nature - it's good to see that amongst all the trauma that humanity is going through, the underlying past between these two seems to have survived.

Speaking of surviving! Tigh and No. 6 seem to be happy, proud parents of a developing fetus within No. 6. It is definitely weird to see Tigh beaming. It's eerie, even.

Speaking of eerie, we see that Adama and Roslin "tapped" it as we're shown them in bed afterward. For these two, it's about time, but oh my, this is like seeing your parents in bed... ack!

Next WeekThe next episode it titled "The Oath." The idea of a permanent alliance with the Cylons brings out the worst in people as the issue becomes one of violence.

A Thought About CapricaHere's something to swirl around in your head: The prequel Caprica takes place 50 years ago, when the Cylons are developed. If that is so, then isn't it really a sequel of sorts since Cylons lived 2000 years ago on the fabled Earth. My mind is twinning! (twisted + spinning)


Anastasia "Dee" Dualla suicideWith Dualla's suicide, I'm sure you were as shocked as I was - it was completely out of the blue and yet what a powerful representation of the despair in the fleet. It turns out that the actress who plays Dualla, Kandyse McClure, knew something was up early on, but not what.

She had a clue something was up during her contract negotiations for the last season. The last season had 20 episodes, yet she was in negotiations for only 13 of them. She didn't know exactly what was up until she got the final script for her character.

After seeing what happens, McClure did some research to find the best way for her character, Dee, to approach the moment. McClure thought that for Dee, "... it was the ultimate act of surrender and the final act of control over her own life. She really wanted to find some kind of peace."

McClure is bummed to not finish out the series with the rest of the crew and she even missed the wrap party. OK, now that is a bummer, I like wrap parties. I've been to a few and everyone blows some serious steam at them.

Kate Vernon on being Ellen Tigh, the "Final Cylon

First off, Kate Vernon had been on the set of the Battlestar Galactica filming for the last season and we will be seeing Ellen Tigh in seven of the final nine episodes. So knowing she was alongside everyone else while filming for season 4.5 has definitely been one of the best kept secrets I've seen in a long time.

A lot of people were totally surprised at who the final Cylon turned out to be... It was almost a let down to see it wasn't someone already in the middle of the focal point of attention. It would have been very satisfying to see any number of characters turn out to be the final Cylon, almost poetic for some of the possible choices. But it seems Ronald D. Moore didn't want to go the easy route.

Ellen, the final Cylon is coming back. As Ron Moore puts it, "she would return as a dark vision of her husband's tortured mind." A centerpiece presence. Dark? Great. Like he needs a critic going off in his head right now.

In the early days of BSG, Ellen was originally written into a four episode arc, but her character really hit it off and, well, you know the rest there.

But seriously, why shouldn't she come back with a vengeance? Saul killed her in the third-season episode "Exodus, Part II," by poisoning her for giving up information on the alliance on New Caprica. All I know is that Moore and Eick better really pull this one out of the hat to stifle our air of disappointment that Boxey wasn't the last Cylon.

As Moore put it regarding why he's bringing Ellen back: "There were layers and depths that I felt were really fascinating, about guilt and blame and memory and responsibility, and I just really liked the way that all tied together."

Moore said if it was anyone else, it would have taken something away from this entire journey everyone has been on. In a closing statement in an interview on Sci-Fi Wire, he said

"The trick is that from now until the end of the series it's pretty much one continuous story. And so we don't want to give any of the building blocks away, because then you'll kind of know where the current story arcs to. So we're just trying to be as opaque about what's left as we can."

Keeping SecretsSpeaking of keeping secrets, Kate Vernon has known she was the last Cylon for the last two years. How would you have liked to carry that around with you for two years?

Battlestar Galactica: The PlanIn July of '08, we told you about the possibilities of three BSG movies movies on the table and if/when they happened, they'd cover events that happened during the series. It would not further the story line, just add to it. I mean how can they further it? Oh, never mind... we can't spill anything. In regards to a movie, Ronald D. Moore tossed out that the movie Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, is in the can with a lot of post production work to do. Battlestar Galactica: The Plan is an original movie written by Jane Espenson and directed by series regular Edward James Olmos.

If you remember, back in August we filled you in on this flick, but back then it didn't have a title. The outline of the film is that it will take place just before the nuclear attack on the human race, with the Cylons dealing with the one thing they did not anticipate: Human survivors.  Humans...  We are so pesky!

If they stick to their original plan, you need to NOT miss it when it airs on TV. Like Battlestar Galactica: Razor, it will air on Sci-Fi then go direct to DVD, which will be distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment. It sucks when you miss the tight air-to-TV window. I had to borrow Razor from someone because I was going crazy hearing about it in different venues.

At the moment, no air-date has been set, but you know the moment I find out, you will find out!

This is your Battlestar Galactica reporter signing off!

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