Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 Air Dates Announced

Way back in April, I surmised that the final "Cylon" in Battlestar Galactica was all of humanity.  And you, our readers responded as one with many awesome theories.

In early June, I posted the tale of how the Sci-Fi Channel was splitting the 4th season in half.  In that post, I only posted 1/2 of a Viper image.  As you see, I've got the whole image here now to celebrate the airing of the rest of the paused season.  It will be whole.

If we all remember, the mid-season semi-finale showed us the Colonial fleet finding what they have led us to believe was Earth.  (Oh, did I just say that?)

The vapor schedule for Battlestar Galactica that we have been tolerating from the Sci-Fi Channel since June has been released.  We finally have dates for the final half of the 4th season of BSG.

Battlestar Galactica will be returning to the airwaves on Jan 16th, 2009 and will finally conclude the 4th and final season of this block-buster series with a 10-week run that will culminate on March 20th, 2009.

As Aaron Douglas put it, "Sci-Fi has the best ideas on how to alienate their audience, in the history of TV... they’ve written the handbook."

So let's hope they don't split these last 10 episodes into two 5-episode mini-seasons on us!

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