Battlestar Galactica Creator Ronald D Moore

Seeing as how I can't let Vic have all the fun posting, here's something to look forward to:

"Battlestar Galactica" (BSG) creator Ronald D. Moore will remain with NBC as he just signed a two-year, seven-figure (NICE!) deal with Universal Media Studios.

He is staying with BSG through to it's end, and is working on new projects as we speak. His mainstream work has always captured my sense of "impending dread" as I find myself engrossed in the darkness that he brings to the screen in BSG. I enjoy being depressed when it's not my own life that's depressing me!

In case you're wondering what else he's done, he got his start on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," then Moore moved on to "ST: Deep Space Nine," "Roswell" and "Carnivale."

Moore will continue his feature work, which includes the sequel to "I, Robot" for 20th Century Fox and a new take on "The Thing" at Universal Media Studios.

Source: Variety

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