Battlestar Galactica Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Battlestar Galactica became a cult classic when it originally aired, but fans were skeptical when Syfy developed their own remake. The remake gender-swapped some characters and made the robots of the original into a more human-like species. The changes created buzz, and a whole new storyline to follow. In the 2004 series, there were “copies” of numbered cylon models who infiltrated the ranks of humanity. Intent on finding their own world to call home, the humans and cylons came into conflict.

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Set in an ancient timeline, the series took place before the Hogwarts founders would have even created the castle in the Harry Potter franchise. That doesn’t mean fans can’t speculate about where the Battlestar Galactica characters would end up sorted.

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10 William Adama: Gryffindor

William Adama became the Admiral of the fleet as the cylons attacked their vessels at the start of the series. The military leader of what was left of humanity, he had to be brave out of necessity, but that’s not why he’s a Gryffindor.

Admiral Adama had very clear convictions. He drew lines in the sand nearly every time he made a speech. If he made a decision on the series, he believed anyone who disagreed with him should not be listened to. That kind of conviction and stubborn attitude is the perfect example of a Gryffindor’s way of thinking.

9 Laura Roslin: Hufflepuff

President Laura Roslin Battlestar Galactica Hufflepuff

A school teacher who ended up a political leader, Laura Roslin never wanted to be the leader of the last of humanity. President Roslin was certainly intelligent and could logic her way out of a lot of situations, but she belongs in Hufflepuff rather than Ravenclaw.

All of President Roslin’s decisions were made for the good of humanity. Her compassion and her need to find a way to protect peace drove her. She didn’t want to maintain war with the cylons. Laura Roslin simply wanted to find a way to help people survive.

8 Saul Tigh: Slytherin

Saul Tigh Battlestar Galactica Slytherin

Saul Tigh was a company man. Adama’s right hand, he made all of his decisions based on what was best for the military. He was not afraid to lie, cheat, and manipulate to make sure he got his way. That’s why, rather than being a Gryffindor like Adama, he’s a Slytherin.

Before Saul was revealed as one of the final five cylons, he had a firm belief that the cylons were monsters, even calling them toasters long after those with human attributes were revealed. After the reveal of the final five, he had a bit of a crisis of identity, but his ability to hide the truth and manipulate those around him never wavered.

7 Gaius Baltar: Ravenclaw

Dr Gaius Baltar Battlestar Galactica Ravenclaw

Gaius Baltar did have some Slytherin tendencies in the series. He wanted to be a leader, and he was willing to bend the truth. Those tendencies, however, were often the result of goading from the image of Number Six that lived in his head. In reality, he was a Ravenclaw.

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Dr. Baltar was too much of a coward to pursue his ambitions on his own. His motivations lied more in learning everything he could about the cylons, about Earth, and even about new religions as they sprung up amongst humanity. Baltar craved knowledge in the way other people craved power.

6 Caprica Six: Gryffindor

Caprica Six Battlestar Galactica Gryffindor

There were a lot of Sixes amongst the cylons the audience met over the course of the series. The ones they spent the most time with were the one in Baltar’s head, and the one he original met on Caprica. The Number Six on Caprica, who sacrificed herself when the colony was attacked, was reborn again and again throughout the series. That version of Six was indeed a Gryffindor.

Caprica Six, as she became known over the course of Battlestar Galactica, seemed like just another cylon following orders. In reality, however, she developed a sense of compassion for humanity and her own convictions about right and wrong. She bravely stood up against both humans and cylons when necessary, gradually becoming even more of a Gryffindor as the series progressed.

5 Sharon “Athena” Agathon: Hufflepuff

Sharon Athena Agathon Battlestar Galactica Hufflepuff

Like Six, there were a lot of Eights on the series. The Eights were actually the cylon the audience saw the most. Unlike a lot of the other cylons, the Eights developed distinct personalities fairly quickly. This version of the cylon model had the most experience amongst humanity, and was the most self aware. It’s pretty clear she was a Hufflepuff.

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This version of Sharon took on the callsign Athena to differentiate herself from the version of Sharon that came before her. She formed a more solid attachment to the crew of the Galactica - and humanity as well. Athena wanted peace and a life with her daughter, not for the cylons or humans to win in a heartbreaking war.

4 Karl “Helo” Agathon: Gryffindor

Karl Helo Agathon Battlestar Galactica Gryffindor

Unlike most of his military friends, Karl Agathon wasn’t against the cylons on sight. That’s because he’d long had feelings for the version of Sharon he knew, and discovering she was actually a cylon didn’t change that - though there were a few bumps in that reveal. He was one of the only people on Galactica to stand up to everyone around him.

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Helo created a plan to rescue Sharon from the brig, and he carried it out (with a little help). His firm belief that just because someone was a cylon didn’t mean they weren’t a person stemmed from his conviction that Sharon shouldn’t be targeted simply because she looked like another Sharon. He continually stood up to his friends and his superiors to defend her. As Harry Potter’s Neville Longbottom taught fans early on, it takes a lot more bravery to stand up to your friends than your enemies. He’s a Gryffindor too.

3 Galen Tyrol: Hufflepuff

Chief Galen Tyrol Battlestar Galactica Hufflepuff

Like Helo, Chief Galen Tyrol was willing to stand up to the crew on Sharon’s behalf. There were time he seemed to be against the cylons, but those were usually born out of anger. Galen would lose his temper once in a while, but it was usually over things being unfair rather than conflicting with his own convictions. He fit better into Hufflepuff house.

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The Chief acted as a sounding board and father figure to a lot of the younger cadets working under him. Many members of the crew looked up to him, and he did his best to be fair and honest with them all, even though he certainly had his favorites. He also wasn’t afraid of a little hard work. It seemed he spent more time fixing things than he ever did getting some sleep.

2 Lee “Apollo” Adama: Ravenclaw

Lee Apollo Adama Battlestar Galactica Ravenclaw

Even though Admiral Adama’s son is a fighter pilot, he’s not the brave little soldier the audience might have expected. Instead, Lee Adama had more interest in historical war and politics than he did in fighting in the present. He’s a better fit for Ravenclaw.

Apollo didn’t necessarily want to be a military man, but his situation demanded it. That never stopped him from being curious about the law and how politics worked in their fleet. He wanted to learn and put theories into practice.

1 Kara “Starbuck” Thrace: Slytherin

Kara Starbuck Thrace Battlestar Galactica Slytherin

From the moment the audience met Kara Thrace on Battlestar Galactica, she was a rebel. Not content with simply sitting back and doing a good job, Kara had to make sure she put her own spin on every mission she accomplished. That need to be seen might make fans think Gryffindor. The way she achieved that, however, made her a Slytherin.

Kara never met a rule she couldn’t figure out how to break. Her ability to sneak around, her cunning understanding of regulations, and her ambition to be the best, all make her a perfect fit for Slytherin.

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