'Battleship' Trailer 2 & Poster Tease Aliens & Large-Scale Destruction

Battleship Trailer 2

As promised in our recent interview with Battleship director, Peter Berg, the second trailer for the board game to film adaptation has arrived on schedule. Where as the original Battleship trailer teased the movie's "twist" - that naval forces would be fighting an alien invasion instead of each other - the latest sneak peek at the film puts aside all pretense, offering a glimpse at the extra-terrestrials as well as an indication of the film's large-scale scope.

In Berg's Battleship, no one seems to be safe as the aliens appear to attack humanity by land, sea, and air.

There's no doubt that many filmgoers are still especially skeptical of Berg's Battleship adaptation - some out of loyalty to the "source material" (the board game) and others out of sheer revulsion at an obvious aim to bolster ticket sales for yet another blockbuster humanity vs. aliens film by packaging it in 80's nostalgia.

That said, while cynics and non-fans will no doubt scoff at the second trailer for Battleship, action junkies who aren't turned-off by cheesy and overly dramatic dialogue will very likely want to add the film to their list of must-see 2012 movies.

Without question there are plenty of laughable moments in the trailer (Rihanna's dramatic voice over is not nearly as profound as it seems to imply) but, amidst some pretty awkward character flashes (ie. Alexander Skarsgård's reacting in slow-motion to a concussive blast), there are some genuinely cool visual spectacles on display - most notably the alien suit designs and vehicle tech.

In the aforementioned interview with Berg, the director mentioned that they designed the film specifically with the original Battleship in mind - in that the board game was about finding and hurting your enemy before they hurt you. The movie is supposed to feature a similar struggle - where, despite some cool extraterrestrial tech, the humans aren't significantly out-matched and can actually take-on the invading threat on a variety of fronts (hand-to-hand, in the air, and at sea, etc).

Alexander Skarsgard in 'Battleship'
Alexander Skarsgard in 'Battleship'

It'll be interesting to see if the cheesy character moments depicted in the trailer are fleshed-out better in the final film - otherwise, expect Battleship to be a somewhat formulaic blockbuster but still very exciting trip to the theater.

Have a look at the latest one-sheet poster for Battleship below (click to enlarge and try not to make too many comparisons to Independence Day or Transformers):

One-sheet 'Battleship' Poster


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Battleship opens in theaters on May 18th, 2012.

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