'Battleship' Super Bowl Trailer is All About The Alien Invasion

Battleship Super Bowl Trailer

Last summer saw the first full trailer for Peter Berg's unique take on Battleship, showcasing how the classic Hasbro board game would play out in live-action if one of two opposing naval fleets were replaced by alien invaders and all of the ships were loaded with good-looking people.  The second Battleship trailer was more of the same and for those looking for eye candy and action, it mostly delivered.

Reaction was mixed to our early looks at Battleship with all footage demonstrating a clear case of style over substance with a heavy use of Transformers-esque visuals and sound effects, intertwined with laughable character moments. Can Universal Pictures swing some positive buzz with their most important marketing push yet, a TV spot during Super Bowl XLVI?

Featured in the Battleship TV spot is Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch of Friday Night Lights fame, and how fitting is it that the MVP has lead roles on two blockbusters being showcased during the big game: Battleship and John Carter. After a small role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, following a breakout role in The Covenant, Kitsch has an opportunity to hit the Hollywood A-List this year if his films strike a chord with fans and earn themselves sequels.

Watch the Battleship Super Bowl commercial below and see if it's something you'll need to check out in theaters this summer:

Battleship is written by Erich & Jon Hoeber and stars Liam Neeson (The Grey), Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood), Taylor Kitsch (John Carter), Josh Pence (The Dark Knight Rises), Brooklyn Decker (Just Go With It), Rihanna and Tadanobu Asano (Thor).

Battleship hits theaters May 18, 2012.


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