'Battleship' International Trailer & Poster: Aliens, Sailors, & Subtitles

battleship trailer taylor kitsch

Universal Pictures has been (shamelessly?) exploiting the popularity of Michael Bay's Transformers movies in its advertising campaign for Battleship, another movie adaptation of a popular Hasbro product. It helps that Battleship helmer (no pun) Peter Berg appears to have embraced Bay's "big, brash, and loud" filmmaking creed with his own blockbuster about U.S. armed forces facing off against an otherworldly threat.

A new international trailer for Battleship has made its way online and it doesn't include any noticeable amount of new footage (unless subtitles count), but instead mashes together bits of material from previous trailers and TV spots. The result is a good taste of both the film's "plot" and destructive alien invasion mayhem.

Battleship stars Friday Night Lights alum Taylor Kitsch (who also headlines next month's John Carter) as Alex Hopper, a capable Naval officer whose punk attitude leads him to butt heads with his fiancée Samatha's (Brooklyn Decker) father... who also happens to be Hopper's superior, Admiral Shane (Liam Neeson).

Domestic drama gets sidelined when an armada of "unknown origins" emerges from the depths of the ocean and attacks the people of Earth, forcing Hopper and his fellow officers to defend humanity against a new mysterious threat.

Have a look at the international Battleship trailer (followed by the new poster) below:

battleship movie poster taylor kitsch


There's no denying that everything we've seen of Battleship so far looks extremely cheesy and overblown, be it the stylized Naval battle sequences or the cast's acting (with perhaps the exception of Neeson). That ridiculousness factor is meant to be part of the appeal and suggest that Berg will deliver all the mindless thrills and good popcorn fun that people look for in a summer release.

If nothing else, at least Battleship doesn't look to focus so much on its Kitsch's (boring?) character arc as Hopper, to the same distracting degree that the first three Transformers movies did with Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky. Less uninteresting "human drama" should improve this sort of cinematic eye candy offering.

Look for Battleship to weigh anchor in theaters around the U.S. on May 18th, 2012.

Source: Universal Pictures (via Allocine)

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