Battlefront 2 Getting Clone Wars Content Including Anakin & Obi-Wan

Battlefront 2 General Grievous

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 players are going to get some new content, with the title heading back to the Clone Wars. The title has been on the receiving end of some criticism since its launch last year, with particular ire felt for its use of loot box mechanics at launch. Since then, EA and developer DICE have been trying to get back on the good side of the game's players.

This had led to some major changes behind the scenes with the game, with in-game rewards boosted and certain microtransactions removed, and DICE has kept up with new content for the game as well. In May, the launch of Solo: A Star Wars Story led to the release of some Han Solo-focused DLC, and even more content has now been announced for the game.

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During EA's E3 2018 EA Play event, Star Wars was the topic of much discussion, and Star Wars: Battlefront 2 took centre stage. The title is due to get some Clone Wars-era new DLC, with the new content starting to arrive from this fall onwards. Perhaps of most interest to players will be the playable characters that Battlefront 2 will be receiving, with Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Count Dooku, and General Grievous all set to be playable.

The planet of Geonosis will also be making a return to the Battlefront franchise. First appearing in the series via the original Battlefront 2 back in 2005, Geonosis played an important part in Attack of the Clones and seems like the perfect place for a large-scale arena. Hopefully, this will provide something with plenty of replayability for fans.

EA has also now revealed a new game mode for Battlefront 2. Set to launch later this year, the mode is apparently linear in nature and is a "larger-scale mode in which players battle for control of objectives around the map." It seems as though DICE and EA are trying to pull out all the stops to keep engaging content coming for the title.

Whether it manages to pull in additional sales is another matter entirely, however. Clone Wars content was a much-wanted element for Battlefront 2's community, but it's fair to say that the overall perception of the game has been soured by its business model. At the very least, though, it's likely that this prequel-era content will keep the current players entertained when it does launch this year.

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