How Battlefield V’s Reveal Compares to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Battlefield V and Black Ops 4 Post-Release Content

There's great news on the post-release content front for both games. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V will not feature season passes or battle passes (no map pack purchases!) in an effort to keep the community together, and to help push these games as live services that will last for years.

Treyarch is hoping for a long-run with its Blackout battle royale mode and Battlefield V is introducing a 'Tides of War' live service which includes daily tasks and more challenging special assignments that can be chosen at will. There will be live events tied to this as well with the goal of having the community journey through World War II together.

Players get all new multiplayer maps for free, so expect the game's to feature a heavy amount of microtransactions on the cosmetic side. DICE made a note of pointing out that gear and unlocks are entirely separate than cosmetic unlocks of which they're focusing on in a big way (from pieces and add-ons for tanks like branches to 7 customizable spots on weapons to war paints). We suspect a ton of customization will come with Blackout with live events and content added their as time goes by (a must for these games as Fortnite and PUBG have proved).

During DICE's private presentation with us, they emphasized the idea of a dynamic and ever-changing world, where from a dev standpoint they're taking a modular approach with much quicker turn-around to address feedback and make improvements. The key here, they hope, is to communicate actively with the community.

Monetization (DLC and Microtransactions)

The good news is that all maps and regular DLC content is coming to Battlefield V and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for free, meaning monetization will come via microtransactions - something each developer is being shady about at the moment.

Our concern on both fronts is whether or not there will be a random crate/loot box system which Call of Duty: WWII shamefully had and that EA forced into Star Wars Battlefront 2 (which among other reasons, helped kill it). The obvious route is selling cosmetic pieces for weapons, vehicles, and characters and we hope they keep the gambling and XP boosts stuff out of it entirely.

Progression and Customization

The unlocks/customization system in Black Ops 4 is the same as before in regular multiplayer but Blackout, the mystery mode, will have its own unique systems for its battle royale gameplay. Treyarch would only tell us that much so expect more at E3 2018.

On Battlefield V, progression and the 'Company' system is a massive and complex system tied to the 'Tides of War' live service. Read more about that here.

As for customization, in Black Ops 4 the Zombies and multiplayer modes use pre-defined characters/specialists and no details were revealed on weapon skins although that's obviously been a big part of previous Call of Duty games. We suspect the greatest amount of customization and cosmetics will come from Black Out 4's Blackout mode which they weren't ready to reveal last week.

For Battlefield V, DICE dedicated a lot of time to emphasizing how this game has an 'unseen level of customization." Players will be able to customize the look of their vehicles, weapons, and soldiers. For any given class, players can customize their gender, face, helmet, face paint, their jacket/shirt, and pants. Players can do this for each class they have for both sides of the conflict. And over time, more options will be added. As for the weapons, full skins are being replaced with 5-7 customization options to really make it your own. DICE doesn't want any player to look the same. Even with tanks, camos, mesh layers, even branches, can be added to its look.

New Large-Scale Game Modes: Blackout vs. Grand Operations

Operations were fan-fave when introduced in Battlefield 1 so they return, changed, in Battlefield V as Grand Operations. This time they're limited-time events that span up to 4 in-game days. If the match is a draw on day three, this kicks in 'Final Stand' mode on day 4 where ever kill matters. There are unique rewards for each Grand Operation and like BF1, there are multiple maps and modes involved in the multi-day battle. It's here where Battlefield V will introduce all-new game modes and rule sets too. If Battlefield V gets a battle royale type mode in the future, it's here (and the rumor was that BFV is getting battle royale variant post-launch). If modes turn out to be super popular, DICE can bring them back or even make them permanent.

One new mode here is called 'Airborne' and the idea here is that on Day Two your main invasion force is coming and you're part of a paratrooper unit. You need to get behind enemy lines and destroy the long-range artillery which is hammering your forces, before they arrive. You start on the ground but when your squad respawns, you're in first-person looking out the door of an airplane and you can choose where to jump/deploy. Each day of combat/objectives has a substantial impact on the other days. The example given is that if your team only takes out one of four of the artillery emplacements, this negatively impacts resources (i.e. amount of vehicles) and respawn tickets your team has on the next day. On the last day, if it's a draw, a day four 'Final Stand' begins where everyone basically has one life, one magazine in your weapon and it's a battle to the last soldier standing. Oh, and the weather will be extremely terrible to crank up the tension. Playing as an effective squad and having a medic is super essential here. A squad wipe here is permanent.

Unanswered Questions

  • Battlefield V Squad Size
  • Black Ops 4 Blackout Mode player counts and gameplay features/progression
  • How unlocks are purchased in Battlefield V
  • Monetization/microtransactions for both games.
  • Zombies DLC pricing / release structure
  • Vehicle weapon behavior in BFV
  • What vehicles are in BLOPS4 Blackout mode?

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