Battlefield V Official Reveal Coming Next Week

The wait is almost over for Battlefield V's official reveal. Electronic Arts announced today that the live reveal event for the next game in the popular multiplayer shooter will take place May 23 at 1pm PT. It will be streamed live on YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer.

The lengthy reveal for this year's Battlefield game began earlier this year. During a financial report, Electronic Arts announced that an untitled game in the popular multiplayer shooter series would release in October. Since then, the company has been largely silent on the game, instead letting rumors. Two major rumors have surfaced saying that this year's shooter was either a World War II-era shooter called Battlefield V or the third installment in the Bad Company series. Judging by how prominent the Battlefield V branding is in today's announcement, it looks like the former was correct.

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Battlefield V's live reveal will be hosted by none other than The Daily Show's Trevor Noah. Noah announced the news on his Twitter account by humorously stating that the rumors of him hosting (that he started) are true and that it was "V EXCITING," which is a reference to the game's current title. Attached to the post was a video where Noah reveals that he self-identifies most as a "gamer."

The South African comedian is a natural pick to host Electronic Arts' upcoming unveiling. Not only does he clearly have plenty of hosting experience thanks to his current job, but he's also talked about his love of video games in the past. This should help give the May 23 event some extra star power, and hopefully some laughs.

Seeing how the official Battlefield Twitter account posted a gigantic "V," Electronic Arts seems quite dedicated to the Battlefield V branding unless they're attempting some major misdirection. Worth noting is that the event will take place just days after Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 gets revealed (that's tomorrow!). It will certainly be interesting to see how the two first-person shooters match up, and how audiences respond to each game's rumored settings with Call of Duty allegedly being more modern than Battlefield V's World War II. Although the greatest relief might just be the gigantic rumor mill around this year's entry ending as it's been difficult to keep up with even for the most ardent of gamers.

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