Reviving Allies Is A Whole New Thing in Battlefield V

Electronic Arts had a lot of huge announcements concerning Battlefield V today, but some of the most interesting reveals deal with the minutia. One such change is how reviving allies will work in BFV. Unlike past games, the ability to revive a downed ally is not exclusive to medics as any member of a squad can help their teammates back up, but there are limits.

This is far from the only major change that DICE outlined during today's reveal and in a private session with us earlier in the week. The studio also announced that Battlefield V will be comprised of three pillars: a single-player campaign, a new cooperative four-player mode called Combined Arms, and multiplayer. On top of that, the game will feature a live service called Tides of War and an in-game progression system that ties the entire experience together with rewards, daily events, and new content. So, progress in the coop missions will help out with multiplayer, and players will have good reasons to check out every mode when it releases in October.

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While the change to Battlefield V's health system definitely makes reviving players more convenient, it comes at a cost if the player isn't of the medic class. The actual revival animation is now a physical and personal interaction as DICE wanted to remove the "revive trains," takes longer when performed but still relatively snappy. Players can approach and initiate the revive from any angle but aren't stuck in it, meaning they can immediately cancel the revive at any time should they start taking fire or see imminent danger inbound.

But there's more to this! Another exciting and unique feature new to Battlefield V is the ability to drag downed teammates. That means if a player is laying in an open area, players can drag them to cover instead of trying to revive them in a bad spot. DICE specified that the dragging skill and the ability to break out of the reviving animation at any moment were specifically added to help add more nuance to the gameplay (This can partially be seen in the Battlefield V reveal trailer.)

When revived though, players only regain partial health rather than full health as they would from a medic. Players do not self-heal to full in Battlefield V without the aid of a medic. These changes make Battlefield V far more immersive during combat than other shooters, and make every action much more deliberate (from when and how to help a teammate and what class to choose).

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Battlefield V releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19. A play first trial will launch October 11, and the deluxe edition of the shooter will release three days early on October 16.

Source: DICE

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