Battlefield V: Where to Find The Creepy Stalker Gnome Easter Egg

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The Battlefield franchise is known for its Easter eggs, and Battlefield V is no different. In fact, the franchise has seen everything from dinosaur bones to Megaladon appearing in the series' various installments and corresponding modes. So, keeping that in mind, it doesn't come as much of a surprise to see that Battlefield V is receiving the exact same treatment this time around.

This particular snippet originates from a garden gnome that never quite leaves players alone after it has been shot (and destroyed) by them. While the item will shatter like any other porcelain statue catching a bullet, the Battlefield V gnome will actually begin following players across the battlefield afterwards – regardless of where they go and even after they die.

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The Battlefield V gnome will proceed to make creepy sounds and will transport around the map, all while continuing to face the player if they happen to try walking around it. It's a rather unsettling reality for anyone that just wanted to take a potshot at the lawn-based collectible, but doing it isn't as difficult as it may initially seem. A video from DANNYonPC about the bizarre encounter can be found below:

Where is the Gnome in Battlefield V?

All Battlefield V players need to do is start a match in the game's Conquest mode and enter into the map Arras. This quaint little town may be the place of a horrific war zone, but it seems to be hiding a few dark secrets if this gnome is any indication. After spawning, reports state that players have almost exclusively found the Battlefield V gnome set up somewhere near point A, which means that a bit of exploration is required.

Although that can be somewhat of a hassle in a map filled with hostile players, people need only shoot or stab the Battlefield V gnome once in order to activate this creepy Easter egg. After it has been done, the gnome will begin its schtick. It's certainly one of the spookier items that has ever appeared as a token gesture from a video game company, but the exact same thing can be said about Battlefield 1's horrifying Megaladon Easter egg. The creature actually had the power to eat players that were caught within its spawning area in that title, so by comparison it would seem that at least this evil gnome in Battlefield V is a creepy companion rather than a life-ending predator.

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