You Can Counter Destruction For The First Time in Battlefield V

Destruction has a long been a staple of DICE's games, but Battlefield V will allow players to defend and rebuild their location as well. Players will now be able to reinforce walls, board up windows, and create several fortifications in-game to provide a defensive counter to destruction. This will add additional strategy to the competitive multiplayer in the already complex first-person shooter.

Multiplayer will be one of Battlefield V's three main pillars. The other two main modes will be a 4-player cooperative campaign called Combined Arms, and single-player War Stories that will be a more cinematic affair. All three of the modes will be tied together thanks to the game's connected progression. That means that progress made in the competitive multiplayer can help the player out in co-op and vice versa. It's all part of the game's new live service model, called Tides of War, which is meant to keep players coming back to the game at regular interval (without any paid DLC).

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Fortifications are something any player can build with their toolkit. Toolkits are also used to build resupply kits at spawn points for players to stock up after respawning into battle, since they lose and don't get back ammo during encounters (unless they pick some up from other downed soliders). Players must decide how they want to spend them. It's just one of the many new strategic systems in place. As far as what players can make, DICE revealed that fox holes with machine guns will be available, and that players can even dig trenches in order to gain a strategic edge. Objects such as sand bags, tank stoppers, and barb wire can also be placed on the ground, and those ruins of houses and other structures can be built back up in a sense, allowing players to advance or hold key positions.

Another cool new addition on changing the map dynamic comes in the form of being able to tow weaponry for the first time. That means stationary weapons, like an anti-aircraft gun, can be attached to vehicles and towed to new locations. So, it's now possible to do something as bewildering as doing a drive-by with an anti-aircraft gun. It's ridiculous, but it's completely in spirit with Battlefield's sandbox gameplay. Imagine a tank driving buy with a player operating a tower defense item attached to the back!

Destruction has been a huge part of the Battlefield franchise's DNA, and nothing is cooler than making a huge building collapse. This adds a much needed defensive mechanic to that explosive action, giving players an option to stand their ground, and that will only lead to more intense gameplay exchanges between defending and attacking players.

DICE has set out to make the most customizable and personal Battlefield game yet, and that goes far past choosing a soldier's looks and weaponry. These gameplay changes show just how personalized the gameplay will be, and how different strategies will be needed in order to be successful in the first-person shooter. This isn't a safe sequel, but rather an ambitious title that looks to be shaking up a lot of mechanics while staying true to the Battlefield feel and core gameplay.

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Battlefield V releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19. A play first trial will launch October 11, and the deluxe edition of the shooter will release three days early on October 16.

Source: DICE

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