Battlefield V Firestorm Duos Mode Removed Because No One Was Playing It

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While Battlefield V has been weathering some controversy recently with the addition of some controversial mechanisms around their in-game currency, it looks like the storm has yet to let up: EA has now announced on the game's subreddit that it's going to remove Duos matchmaking from the Battlefield V Firestorm mode.

Battlefield V Firestorm was beautiful upon release but there have been issues with its balancing, matchmaking, and design that DICE has had to address. With visibility bugs plaguing the main game itself as well, there's been seemingly no end to the issues that the community has been looking to the developers to fix. Now, we can add multiplayer matchmaking to that list.

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EA has made its intentions regarding this upcoming Battlefield V Firestorm matchmaking mode change known on the game's subreddit. According to the comments made by Community Manager, Adam Freeman (also known as user PartWelsh), and responses to various community members seeking clarity on the matter, the Firestorm mode is having Duos mode removed because players are apparently gravitating to using the Squad mode. It was noted by Freeman that Duos was a limited time mode and that it will return eventually in some capacity, but that it was being nixed for now because of a lack of utility.

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It appears from the reaction on the official subreddit that this removal of the Battlefield V Firestorm Duos mode has been met with some complaints. However, it's unsure whether this is just the result of a vocal minority or whether the bulk of the Battlefield community actually prefers this now-eliminated mode to Squad. It's worth noting that Duos was always intended to be a limited time mode and that it was announced as such in Chapter 3 of the Battlefield V content calendar. Still, it looks like this latest move from DICE is yet another unpopular decision that may very well alienate fans from its already-shrinking player base.

This isn't the first time that Duos mode has been removed from the game, but the timing of this decision by EA shortly after it has just had to put out a fire about the Battlefield V microtransaction controversy could have probably been better. Fans seem to be smarting from the changes made to the game recently and on undelivered promises, and it remains to be seen whether or not this change with the Firestorm modes will be walked back based on the outcry or not.

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Source: Battlefield V Subreddit

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