20 Things Only Experts Know You Can Do In Battlefield V

Battlefield V is out now, and gamers all over the globe are having a lot of fun playing the newest installment of a beloved series. Since the very first game, the Battlefield series has been famous for multiplayer games on a scale that is hard to believe, with countless players all vying to win the objective. That same epic, semi-frantic style of play is present here once more, and people are loving it.

Veteran fans of the series will know that it's anything but simple. The Battlefield series can get a little complex at times, and there's definitely a bit of a learning curve. While newbies will get the hang of it pretty quickly, they might feel a little lost at times. Complexity is good, because real war is anything but simple. If there's one thing that Battlefield V brings to the table more than anything, it's realism. It's gritty, it's crazy, and it'll take a lot of concentration just to stay alive on the battlefield. You have to keep track of a lot as you sprint across the map, and sometimes it's not that obvious what you should be doing.

In real life, there's no "heads up display" telling your where to go and what to do. You don't magically see where your enemies are on a little radar. You have to use your own senses and wits to reign victorious. While Battlefield V can't match the feeling of real combat, it probably gets us as close as any game could.

There's definitely a lot to figure out, so here are 20 Things Only Experts Know You Can Do In Battlefield V.

20 Steal The Leadership Spot For Yourself

The military chain of command is not a democracy. One person gives the orders, and their subordinates follow. That's the way it's always been, and it's the only logical way for things to work in war. Imagine if soldiers wasted time arguing about their next move, while bullets were flying overhead and the enemy was closing in! In Battlefield V, those same principles are in play. It's always important to follow the leader, and act cohesively as one unit. That's the only way teams can take the objective in a fast, decisive way.

What happens when you're stuck with a weak leader? Maybe they don't have a mic, or just seem to be leading everyone astray. If this is the case, you can steal the leadership spot for yourself, and start giving the orders. This system is pretty straightforward - just initiate a 60-second "silent coup."

19 Change Camo To Match The Location

Battlefield V wouldn't be the game we know without tons of customization options. You can make your character look seriously cool with an assortment of various gas masks, prosthetic limbs, ammunition belts, and of course weapons. Perhaps the most valuable customization option available to you is your camouflage. Camo was very important in war back in the day, and it remains crucial in Battlefield V.

Simply put, you need to dress for the occasion. If it's snowy, take snow camo. If you're fighting in a forest, take forest camo. If you're fighting in a city, take urban camo. It's a simple trick, but you need every advantage you can get in such an intense multiplayer game.

18 Use The Assault Class To Take Down Tanks

Seeing a massive, well-armed tank rolling towards you can be a little unsettling. These metal beasts can wreak havoc on unsuspecting players. They can take out multiple players with one, booming shot. They're also pretty hard to take down with their thick, plated armor. Don't despair, though-- if you pick the Assault Class, you have every chance of taking down that tank.

In fact, tank commanders might actually become scared of you! Assault Classes are usually armed with dedicated anti-tank weapons like the Panzerfaust 100. With this weapon, you'll be able to disable a tank with a few well-armed shots. The occupants will be forced to jump ship, and that'll be the end of that tank. Assault classes might also be armed with sticky bombs or dynamite as well.

17 Jump Through The Air While Shooting

One of the first things you'll notice while playing Battlefield V is that it seems much more grounded and realistic. When you move across the map, your character actually seems like it's sprinting with the weight of a real, physical body. Above all else, jumping feels much more realistic. You can climb tall buildings by jumping and grabbing ledges. It all seems very fluid and natural.

Some newbies might not be aware that you can even aim your weapon while jumping. It's actually a pretty solid tactic. As soon as you take fire, you can jump to the ground into a prone position while firing shots at the enemy. You can also jump to the side, or backwards. You can even jump out of a second story window while spraying rounds at your enemies.


Another cool addition to Battlefield V is destructible environments. This is something that is very much en vogue with games coming out these days. Destructible environments aren't just cool to experience, they also add to the gameplay. In Battlefield V, buildings can fall apart and topple with just a few well-placed shots. What does this accomplish? It robs your enemies of something crucial - cover.

Without cover, your enemies are way out in the open. A smart player can even shoot through cover with certain weapons. All this means that it's very important to know what kind of cover you're currently behind. It might be a lot more flimsy than you think. Destroying buildings isn't just fun-- it's tactical.

15 Strategically Build Fortifications To Deal With Specific Enemies

Make no mistake, the new fortification building system is amazing in Battlefield V, and it's something all players should take advantage of. Getting into cover is very important with this game, because it only takes a few shots to take an enemy down. Just like in real life, players must always keep their head down when the bullets start flying.

With the new fortification system, you can build all kinds of different barriers. Sandbags are great for basic protection against small arms fire, but there are tons of other options. You can use special "Czech Hedgehogs" to stop enemy tanks and vehicles. When there's a wave of enemy infantry charging at an objective, you can build barbed wire to slow them down.


In every multiplayer game like Battlefield V, players usually pick out one weapon as their favorite. Some weapons are more popular than others, but in most cases every single weapon can be powerful in the right hands. When it comes to Battlefield V, there are tons of weapon options available to each player.

It might seem tempting to try them all and become skilled with every one of them, but in this game, it might be a better tactic to stick with your favorite weapon. This is due to Battlefield V's specialization system. When you rank up, your weapon ranks up with you. You'll unlock weapon ranks which can give you better recoil, more accuracy, and many other bonuses. It definitely pays to stick with a weapon.

13 Complete Assignments And Daily Orders For Extra Company Coin

In Battlefield V, there are two types of currency. Battlefield Currency is purchased with real-world money, and is used for cosmetic customization options mostly. On the other hand, there's Company Coin, which is only earned through gameplay. Obviously it makes sense to rack up as much Company Coin as possible with each match, because you'll want to spend that money on all kinds of goodies. Some purchases will give you an advantage on the battlefield.

How do you earn as much Company Coin as possible? You might notice that others seem to be earning more than you at a faster rate. If this is the case, they're probably taking advantage of things like Daily Orders and Assignments. These optional challenges give you huge bonuses on Company Coin, so make sure to complete them whenever possible.

12 Use The Recon Class To Mark Enemies For The Whole Team To See

Things have changed a lot in Battlefield V. One area that has really been altered is the spotting process. In previous titles, any player on a team could "mark" enemies on the map for their whole team to see. This was a very important tactic, and it allowed the entire team to act as one cohesive unit. In the latest installment, only the Recon Class can mark enemies.

These players usually scout ahead, spotting enemies from afar with sniper rifles or binoculars. They're a very useful addition to any squad, and that's why every team needs to take a Recon Class. Normal players can still mark enemies temporarily by laying down suppressing fire, but Recons are the only ones who can do this permanently.

11 Spot Enemy Snipers By The Reflection On Their Scope

Like a lot of the multiplayer games out there today, Battlefield V will have tons of great snipers picking off targets one by one. When you're caught out in the open, there's always the threat of being taken out by a crack shot. That's why good players are constantly aware of their surroundings, and they're always looking out for enemy snipers.

Good snipers stay hidden, but even the best ones have to come out of cover once in a while. How else are they going to take shots? When they do come out of cover, you can actually spot them from the "glint" of the sun reflecting off their scopes. If you see a flash of light in the distance, it might be better to get your head down and flank that sniper.

10 Don't Look Into Your Scope For Too Long When Sniping

What if you'd rather be on the opposite end of that scope? Sniping is still very viable in Battlefield V, and good players can rack up dozens of headshots with a good sniper rifle by their side. Sniping is a very strategic, tactical game. The most important thing about sniping is not giving away your position.

Once people know where you are, they will hunt you down, and you won't have the element of surprise. Therefore, the best tactic is to spend as little time looking down your scope as possible. If at all possible, spot enemies with just your mark-one eyeball before taking the shot. The longer you spend looking down the scope, the more likely it is that someone sees that reflection off your scope.

9 Revive Squadmates As Any Class (Not Just Medics)

In a game like this, healing is essential. That's why in Battlefield V, anyone can heal players - not just medics. This is incredibly useful on the battlefield, and it's a smart addition by the developers. Everyone is equipped with a healing kit, and anyone can run up and heal an ally. Players can also heal themselves if things get really bad.

However, there are some notable limitations. Medics are still by far the best healers in the game, and they heal at a much faster rate. Normal players only get one health kit per life as well, so it's important not to waste it. Still, this could prove to be very useful in certain situations.

8 Target The Rear Or Side Armor Of Enemy Tanks

While the Assault Class definitely has the best chance of taking down a tank, it's not as easy as "point and shoot." To take down these tanks without getting blown away, you're going to have to pick the weak spots on the tank's armor. The front armor of a tank is the heaviest. Most shots from a Panzerfaust 100 are just going to bounce right off, or barely make a dent on the front armor.

To take down tanks quickly and efficiently, you're going to need to target either the side or rear armor. Obviously this will take a little bit of strategic positioning. You might even have to sneak up on tanks. If you patiently wait for the right moment to strike, you'll definitely be rewarded.


Everyone wants to be a hero when a teammate is down injured, but that's exactly what the enemy is expecting. Veteran Battlefield players actually watch players who are down, because they know teammates will come rushing in to revive them. It's an easy way to rack up points. If you see a teammate on the ground, resist the urge to simply rush in there and come to their rescue.

Instead, you should do this in a very tactical manner. Take out enemies beforehand. Ask yourself whether your downed ally is in cover, or whether he's way out in the open. As bad as it sounds, it's sometimes better to let a teammate go rather than risking the entire team (or objective).



Linking up with your squad is one of the most important things in Battlefield V. This hasn't changed much from previous entries, but what has changed is the fact that you can now spawn on your teammates, even if their vehicle is full. It's great to see the developers making these kinds of changes to the game.

It was something that players complained about a lot in previous years, and they had every right to. Spawning on teammates is hugely advantageous in a multiplayer game like Battlefield V, especially because squad cohesion is such a major focus of this particular title. It's something they should have fixed a long time ago, but now it's finally here.

5 Always Use Up Your Resupply Drops Or Bombing Runs For Extra Experience Points

Earning XP is definitely still important in Battlefield V. Experience helps you level up, and when you level up, you get access to all kinds of new bonuses. It's always a good idea to earn as much XP as possible during a single match. That's where bombing runs come into play. You earn bombing runs by getting high scores in the game.

Tons of players like to hold onto their bombing runs, so that they can use them in a tactical way. This might not be the be best choice. Instead, use up your bombing runs as quickly as possible, and never have any left over when the match ends. Bombing runs give you tons of XP, so even if you feel like you don't really need to use bombing runs, you should still use them.

4 Medics Use Smoke Grenades When Healing Allies

Healing is a major part of Battlefield V, in case you haven't already noticed. Doing so tactically and quickly can be the difference between defeat and victory. It's not always easy to get to your injured comrades, but if anyone can do it, the Medic can. Sure, they might not be the most well-equipped soldiers on the battlefield, but they're definitely worth their spot on the team.

Smart Medics know that one of the best ways to heal allies is to throw a smoke grenade first. This ensures that you'll have tons of cover when you make that mad dash towards a downed soldier. There are many great uses for smoke grenades, but this is definitely one of the best.

3 Throw Grenades Back At Enemies

Yes, you can finally throw grenades back at enemies. This is something that players have been requesting for quite some time, and now it's finally arrived. This is, of course, the most realistic edition of the Battlefield franchise, so it makes sense that it's an added feature here. Just like almost ever war movie we've ever seen, you can bravely pick up an enemy grenade and chuck it back at them. It's a risky move, but the rewards can be great.

Throwing back an enemy grenade can be safe though. Suppose the enemy threw a smoke grenade-- even if it explodes before you can throw it back, it won't do any damage. If you're successful, you might just be able to thwart your enemy's carefully thought out plans.

2 Crouch-Sprint Towards Objectives

Sometimes, the simplest tactics are actually the best. Some players might not see the point in crouch-sprinting. After all, isn't the whole goal of sprinting to go fast? Why would you purposely sprint while bent over, causing you to run at a slower pace?

It's actually one of the most useful things in the entire game. With your head down, it's much harder for enemies to land those critical headshots on you. This means your chances of making it to cover are much higher. Crouch-sprinting really only makes you run slightly slower than normal. It's really not even that noticeable. The trade off for lack of speed is definitely worth it.

1 Blow Up Grenades And Dynamite With A Few Well-Placed Shots

As previously mentioned, grenade spam can still be a real threat, even though it's been mitigated with this latest release. Still, there are situations where you might want to deal with a grenade in a quick and easy way. If this is the case, then a good option is simply to shoot it. Sometimes the simplest solutions are actually the best. The implications for this are pretty amazing.

These tactics can also be used offensively as well. For example, you might chuck a grenade into a room, and shoot the grenade so that it goes off almost instantaneously. Your enemies won't have time to run. The exact same tactics can be used for dynamite as well. Taking out a tank might actually be easier with this skill.


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