Battlefield V Has Insane Amount of Customization Options

Battlefield V is going to change the way the series approaches player customization options, according to the official reveal and our time spent with some of the devs. While the multiplayer focus has always been the most traditional appeal of the Battlefield franchise, alterations to the way that developer DICE is handling player choice will see the series really embrace having its soldiers look and feel different from each other.

To truly understand why Battlefield V customization will be so important moving forward, it's useful to look back. Battlefield 1 was seen as an improvement over its predecessors Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline for a number of reasons that extended beyond refined gameplay. Part of that success was inevitably attributed to the game's stunning visuals and environmental aesthetics, with players reporting a renewed interest in the tried-and-true World War I theme as a result.

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Now, Battlefield V will push those visuals much further with what's called The Company system. The process of Battlefield V customization will see players given the option to alter the look of their soldiers, weapons, and vehicles, and the depth of this system sounds as though it will be much more extensive than most games within the genre offer. It's where where players reap the benefits of their progression in Battlefield V's "Combined Arms" co-op mode, traditional multiplayer, and all their challenges from the "Tides of War" live service. Players can select the gender of their soldier, alongside the style of their helmet, and even change the way they put on face paint before they go into battle. Fashion won't be left behind either, with soldiers getting a whole gamut of options ranging from bulletproof vests, tanktops, and even leather jackets, all in-line with the World War II aesthetic in Battlefield V.

Weapon enthusiasts will also be impressed by Battlefield V customization. A given weapon will have anywhere between five to seven different changeable parts. This will include stocks, muzzles, and different sights, and is being implemented with the design goal of having no two players look alike during the game's Conquest mode. From the sounds of it, players will be able to create an arsenal that feels like their own while still operating within the constraints of the game's balance parameters.

Vehicles sound like they'll be the most difficult to truly bling out, but that doesn't mean Battlefield V won't try. While a tank can't exactly be neon pink in the game, Battlefield V customization will see players get to add layers of items like sandbags to their vehicle - a derivative of Battlefield V's fortification system - while also changing its camo skins.

Ultimately, the Battlefield V live reveal stressed that these options exist so that players can create a sense of identity within Battlefield V that hasn't been present in previous titles. If a range of options is all that's required, then Battlefield V certainly seems to have it covered - although it remains to be seen if all of the options are as distinct as the live reveal made them sound.

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Battlefield V releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19. A play first trial will launch October 11, and the deluxe edition of the shooter will release three days early on October 16.

Source: DICE

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