Battlefield V Features a 4-Player Co-Op Self-Generating Campaign Mode

DICE's 2018 Battlefield V game features a self-generating 4-player co-operative campaign mode titled Combined Arms, which also affects progression.

Electronic Arts announced that their World War II shooter Battlefield V will be built around three key pillars, one of which is a new cooperative mode. Called Combined Arms, this multiplayer cooperative mode will support up to four players online. Each will be a paratrooper, and they'll attempt to take on dangerous missions together.

Battlefield V will mark developer DICE's return to WWII. They last revisited the devastating world event back in 2009's Battlefield 1943 which released exclusively on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, so it wasn't as big of a release as traditional mainline Battlefield installments. It's been nearly a decade and clearly enough time has passed that the Sweden-based studio feels like they've come up with plenty of new ideas to implement into the familiar time period, and that includes their competitors also diving back into WWII. During the reveal stream, they mentioned that their philosophy for the game was to "portray the era through unseen locations, untold stories, and unplayed gameplay moments."

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In order to keep 'Combined Arms' feeling fresh and always evolving and growing, the first-person shooter will employ a unique mission generator that will create dynamic narratives and objectives at random. This should ensure a different type of challenge each time the co-op mode is played, even if it's on the same map repeatedly. In theory, this sounds similar to what Turtle Rock Studios and Valve used in their hit four-player cooperative first-person shooter Left 4 Dead.

DICE described the mode's inclusion as a "safe haven" for players that will serve as a middle-ground between the cinematic solo campaign and the hectic 64-player competitive modes. They're hoping that new players will get used to the game's sandbox-style of play in co-op and then move onto the more complicated multiplayer. Considering that the game has had difficulty teaching players its more complex intricacies in the past, this seems like a sound strategy - and one that will also give players an engaging experience with their friends.

Combined Arms is a smart addition to Battlefield V and something that's been missing since Battlefield 3 included a limited co-op campaign.. Not only may it offer up a potentially completely different experience that will add additional variety to the first-person shooter, but it will also tie-in to the rest of the game's progression, meaning unlocks and customization options earned here for vehicles, weapons, and soldiers, can be used in competitive multiplayer too. As long as the mission generator works as well as it has been advertised, then it looks like DICE will have yet another popular multiplayer offering in the game that can grow through the 'Tides of War' live service and its frequent events.

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Battlefield V releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19. A play first trial will launch October 11, and the deluxe edition of the shooter will release three days early on October 16.

Source: DICE

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