Battlefield V Bug Lets Player Kill Entire Enemy Team Before Match Begins

Battlefield 5 Co-op Combined Arms

A new glitch has surfaced in Battlefield V that gave one player the ability to mow down his entire opposing team before a multiplayer match could even start. The egregious error is the latest hiccup in what has been a checkered life cycle for the World War II shooter thus far.

Although Battlefield V earned a positive critical reception when it launched in November 2018 (we here at Screen Rant liked it quite a bit), it was deemed a sales disappointment by EA higher-ups. Some of those problems could be attributed to the game’s bare-bones launch. EA instead opted to gradually beef up the game with additional modes over a months long post-release schedule. The co-op focused Combined Arms add-on only recently arrived. Players are still waiting to play the game’s spin on the battle royale formula, dubbed Firestorm. Additional problems have stemmed from the technical side, with other known issues such as lengthy matchmaking times and inaccurate challenge tracking.

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This latest gaming fax paus was captured by YouTuber Mustafa Renkçi. Taking place on the Rotterdam map, the footage shows the player hitching a ride on a tank prior to the start of the match. He then proceeds to roll right up into the enemy’s starting position and plow through players like human bowling pins. Watching the incredulous/amused reactions from the other players in the chat box sums up how mind-boggling the glitch is. Take a look at the bug in action below.

The video does not demonstrate or explain how the glitch can be triggered (which, in the interest of fairness, is probably for the best). It could require jumping through some technical hoops or may simply be a random occurrence before certain matches. Regardless, the bug doesn’t appear to have caught on yet based on the lack of known reporting on it. This means that DICE can squash it before it becomes a more widespread issue. It’s worth noting that the glitch appears to have been experienced in the PC version of the game. Therefore, it’s unknown if the exploit exists in the console editions.

As silly as the video is, it also serves as a reminder that EA and DICE still have a few irons to wrinkle out as Battlefield V pushes towards becoming a more complete experience. The game offers solid fun, but retaining a positive relevance will only become more challenging in the wake of the acclaimed and free-to-play Apex Legends. On top of that, Anthem is out in the wild for some players and launches in full later this week. Both of these fellow EA published shooters could devour much of the focus whatever Battlefield V does, good or bad. Hopefully once all of the big modes are in the game, it can earn more publicity for being a well-crafted shooter and a bit less for videos like this.

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Source: Mustafa Renkçi/YouTube

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