Battlefield V Won't Have Battlefield 1's Behemoths

Battlefield 5 Behemoth

Battlefield V is bringing in a number of major changes, and among them is the removal of the Behemoths that appeared in Battlefield 1. The Behemoths acted as massive special vehicles, available to a losing side to help close the gap in a game. It added an interesting extra dynamic to play within Battlefield 1, in a way that helped separate the title from its peers.

However, Battlefield V is throwing out the rulebook it seems. The game is taking a different approach to warfare this time around, with new game modes such as a Battle Royale mode and a shift in focus to talk about some of the lesser known stories of the Second World War. Battlefield 1 helped moved the Battlefield franchise in a new direction, and it looks as though its sequel is continuing that trend with gusto.

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Unfortunately for those that enjoyed all the elements of Battlefield 1, it seems as though that means some will be left out of the new game. Battlefield V is having a strong presence at E3 2018, as showcased by the game's new trailer at the expo, and as such Screen Rant had the chance to speak with Lars Gustavsson, DICE Senior Producer, who confirmed that Behemoths would not be in Battlefield V.

When asked about Behemoths, Gustavsson replied "no, the Behemoths - they aren't back, but [there are] tons of cool vehicles that are fitting for this era." Exactly what these vehicles are remains to be seen, although the footage and details shown thus far does place a wide variety of different vehicles on show.

It's also worth noting that, although Behemoths were officially included in Battlefield 1, that was not the only instance of massive vehicles being used in the series. Both Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 included large gunships that could be used to inflict major damage on the opposing team, although part of what made Battlefield 1's use of the Behemoths so engaging was the way in which it could turn a game on its head.

Even so, the signs are good that Battlefield V will have a different but just as engaging style of play this time around. A hands-on with the title suggested a new generation of Battlefield is on the cards, with an emphasis on teamwork that shifts things into a different gear entirely. Hopefully, the full release of the game will prove just as engaging as the franchise's previous entry.

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