Battlefield V Is Getting A Battle Royale Mode

Electronic Arts kicked off their EA Play 2018 conference with a presentation by DICE for Battlefield V, this time directly addressing the feedback the game's reveal event earned a few weeks ago. We finally saw real multiplayer gameplay, headlined by the game's flagship mode, 'Grand Operations', alongside snippets of footage highlighting BFV's slick new animations and destruction effects.

And with every Battlefield V reveal, there were teases and teases of more stuff they still aren't showing yet - the biggest of which is what everyone has been waiting for: Battlefield V is getting a battle royale mode as part of its 'Tides of War' live service post-launch. It'll feature the vehicles, destruction, and other core features of the Battlefield series.

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We only know that more details will be revealed later this year on this mode and when asked about the idea of a royale-esque experience, the devs previous said it's something they were exploring - now we know it's happening.

With Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 banking hard on a multiplayer-only experience which includes their own battle royale mode called 'Blackout' it became a must for DICE to do so as well, especially since its game engine and history already lends itself to this type of large-scale sandbox gameplay. And with DICE teasing the Airborne mode which features paratrooper gameplay - a staple among most battle royale experiences - it was simply obvious.

Our big question has to do with player counts. We were a tad disappointed that Battlefield V's main gameplay would stick with the 64 player count cap, something the franchise hasn't pushed beyond since its inception with Battlefield 1942 in 2002 (sixteen years ago!). If they want to go big with this battle royale mode, they should double that cap, at least to try in their big modes.

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Tomorrow during Microsoft's Xbox E3 briefing, there will be more Battlefield V footage shown focusing on its single-player War Stories mode.

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