Battlefield V Battle Royale Assignment Released Before Mode is Available

Battlefield V Firestorm Assignment

Battlefield 5 has been hit by a number of glitches and bugs recently, but now it's releasing content in the wrong order as well. On top of the launch of the co-op multiplayer mode which released with Tides of War being a disappointment, the latest stumbling step from DICE with regards to the Battlefield 5 Battle Royale mode is just the icing on the cake.

The Battle Royal mode, named Firestorm, has been highly anticipated for a while now. While Battlefield 5 is only just catching up to the likes of its contemporaries in terms of introducing this wildly popular game mode, it appears that full implementation of Firestorm isn't quite there yet.

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Regardless of that, the game seems to already have an Assignment for the Firestorm mode prepped and ready to go. Multiplayer First has reported that there is currently an Assignment to play the Firestorm mode as part of the Daily Orders available to players. This Assignment asks players to achieve 500 points in the Battlefield 5 Battle Royale game mode, which is obviously impossible because this mode isn't actually accessible.

While unlikely, it may be that the Assignment's availability is a teaser to indicate that the Firestorm mode will be launching soon. It's most likely just another bug to be ironed out in the works, but one thing that the community may want to consider is EA fans' reception to a Battle Royale mode so soon after the launch of Apex Legends. With Apex Legends surpassing 50 million players at a growth rate four times faster than Fortnite, it has yet to be determined whether Firestorm will be able to draw players back from EA's newer, shinier title.

Given that Battlefield V has had a raft of issues ever since its launch day, the game really needs this latest Battle Royale mode to be a win for them. It has been subject to the intense scrutiny of creators and media in the meantime and has had a number of issues exposed in well-circulated Youtube videos, which hasn't helped the public reception of the title much if at all. We're hopeful that Battlefield 5 can turn it around with Firestorm's launch, but it's going to be a hard sell if any more issues come up to taint that.

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Source: Multiplayer First

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