Battlefield V Continues to Underdeliver: 5v5 Mode Canceled

Battlefield V Continues to Under-deliver 5v5 Mode Cancelled

DICE announced last week that development on Battlefield V’s planned 5v5 mode had been cancelled, and the decision is the latest in a long line of delays and cancellations that's left some feeling disappointed in the EA-published multiplayer shooter. The mode was originally announced in April, and was planned to arrive during Battlefield V’s Chapter 4 DLC season.

Battlefield V has been subject to a whole host of problems ever since it launched in November 2018. It launched with a whole list of missing content that was promised pre-release. Some of this was added later but was underwhelming, like the boring Combined Arms co-op mode. Other content, like the soldier-dragging feature, will never be implemented. Glitches, update delays, and other issues have created a game many feel is a disappointment, and this latest news is yet another example of Battlefield V’s issues.

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DICE announced on the Battlefield V website that the 5v5 mode will no longer be implemented. Battlefield V Senior Producer Ryan McArthur, who wrote the announcement post, said the decision was made so that the team can turn its focus to fixing bugs elsewhere and delivering on other content. McArthur also noted that there wasn’t much community interest in the mode. Players come to the Battlefield series for large-scale battles, after all, and the team previously removed the Battlefield V Firestorm battle royale duos mode because players weren’t interested. Still, the mode’s cancellation is an example of what seems to be disorganized or miscalculated development decisions that have led to Battlefield V’s problems. The launch of Chapter 4, for example, added several bugs and issues that have detracted from players’ experience with the game.

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To that effect, McArthur also detailed the game’s upcoming update, 4.4, which will provide fixes for some of the bugs introduced with the launch of Chapter 4 and will add two new maps to the game. More updates will follow 4.4, improving stability and other issues flagged by the community. Unfortunately, a Battlefield V community manager announced on Reddit today that update 4.4 won’t arrive until early next week, since the team encountered some critical bugs that delayed the update’s release.

When taken into consideration with the disappointing Firestorm battle royale mode, and the slow rollout of maps compared to previous titles, Battlefield V’s bugs and undelivered modes leave the impression that development on the game was and has been rushed. EA’s history of predatory monetization and botched game launches (see Anthem), though, means this perhaps shouldn’t be surprising.

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Source: DICE, Battlefield V/Reddit

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