TV Series Based on Battlefield Video Game Being Developed

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The Battlefiled series has been around for 14 years, with their first two games not even released to consoles. Developed by EA DICE and published by EA, this first-person shooter series has taken players into scenarios from WWII to Vietnam to Russia to the streets of present day Miami and all the way back to WWI in their upcoming latest release, Battlefield 1. Aside from its setting during historical battles, the Battlefield games are praised for their combat mechanics and multiplayer campaigns.

Video game adaptations are nothing new, though there haven't been too many that have lived up to expectations. Warcraft is the most recent casualty, despite posting huge numbers in overseas markets. Much like adapting anything with an already existing, avid following, the real works lies in making something enjoyable for folks who have never picked up a controller.

Pretty soon, no one will need a console to dive into the world of Battlefield. The Verge reports that Paramount Television has optioned the rights to the popular EA franchise. Anonymous Content is the production company that has partnered with the studio, and Michael Sugar (The Knick, Spotlight) and Ashley Zalta have signed on as executive producers. Hollywood loves a good adaptation, and perhaps television will be the new medium to tell these stories. Sugar believes Battlefield could be a game-changer. In a statement, he said:

"Battlefield has a tremendous built-in, engaged fan base, making it a highly coveted piece of IP primed for long-form adaptation."

battlefield video game developed for tv

The games themselves have never had a story mode, per se, as they're more centered around completing objectives. With no shortage of eras to choose from, the question then becomes which Battlefield game with the series be based on? Battlefield: Bad Company could be a logical jumping off point for a TV series given it was the first to feature a solo campaign with a squad of 4 (not unlike Gears of War). This version sees B Company fighting for the USA in a war against Russia in the near future.

Battlefield Hardline would be the easiest of the series to adapt because instead of traditional warfare, this installment has a cops vs. criminals feel that could easily be adapted into a procedural show. This game takes place in Miami in 2012 where a drug bust goes horribly wrong. While Hardline was not the most popular in the series, it would, from a Hollywood standpoint, be the cheapest to produce -- giving it the best chance at longevity on TV.

Or, Paramount could choose to capitalize on all the hype surrounding the upcoming release of Battlefield 1, which takes place during WWI and makes specific reference to Harlem Hellfighters -- a regiment comprised of African American and Puerto Rican soldiers from New York. Whichever game they chose as the basis for the series is sure to leave fans divided.

With no network and no actors or directors attached, the Battlefield TV series does not yet have a release date.

Source: The Verge

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