Battlefield 5 Confirmations: V Stands For Victory, and No Loot Boxes

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Battlefield V has been leaving a lot of questions with players, but thankfully developer DICE has been on hand to answer some of them. The game was gaining lots of buzz in the run-up to its reveal, with plenty of rumors flying around regarding its setting and game modes. Finally, the title had its release date and an initial trailer revealed, with the game set to launch on October 19.

Since then, the minutiae of Battlefield V's gameplay has been a subject of much discussion. The title's progression system is linked across core game modes, which prompted an explanation from DICE as to how Battlefield V's progression works. Meanwhile, the game's War of Attrition has become a major talking point, with some suggesting that it is Battlefield's answer to the Battle Royale craze.

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It's not just the gameplay that has been debated though, with even the name of Battlefield V being talked about. DICE has now confirmed what many had thought: that the V in Battlefield V is a reference to Winston Churchill's famous "V for Victory." The developer revealed this over on Twitter, after being asked why the peace emoji was being used by the Battlefield Twitter channel.

This came from an initial post on the channel that officially confirmed another element of Battlefield V - that the game would not include loot boxes. Advising that there will be no loot boxes and no premium pass, and that all players "have access to the same maps and modes," will no doubt be good news for fans of the Battlefield series in general, and matches up with those post-trailer loot box comments. However, it should be noted that the game does still have a premium currency.

DICE has been making some major changes to the Battlefield franchise through Battlefield V, but the reveal of the game has taken an unfortunate turn. The trailer has over 320,000 dislikes on YouTube, with a major part of the backlash coming from the female characters shown in the trailer. This led to a response from DICE general manager Oskar Gabrielson, and has left a sour note on the proceedings overall.

It still has to be said that the reveal of Battlefield V has been a little bit underwhelming, though. It's clear that DICE and publisher EA are still keeping things under wraps, but the lack of anything tangible in the trailer itself has left fans wanting more. Hopefully, something more concrete will be on its way.

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Battlefield V releases for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 19.

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