Battlefield V Teaser Trailer Reveals A Few Gameplay Details

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A recent teaser trailer for Battlefield V may well have revealed some interesting tidbits of information about the upcoming title. Developer DICE took to Twitter to tease the release of the next instalment in the first-person shooter franchise, which is set for release later this year. So far, both DICE and publisher EA have been relatively tight-lipped about the game, but that's all about to change.

As a matter of fact, this week will see the official reveal of Battlefield V as part of a livestream event hosted by The Daily Show's Trevor Noah. Although fans of the series will officially get a much larger overview of the game starting at 1pm PT on May 23, though, nonetheless many gamers will no doubt be scouring the new teaser trailer for the game to hunt down hidden snippets of information.

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Strangely enough, the YouTube version of the trailer in question has only recently been discovered, sitting as an unlisted video on YouTube since May 18. The trailer can be seen below, but in spite of its short runtime quite a lot can be gleaned from the footage shown. For starters, those who played Battlefield 1 may well find that HUD similar, as it looks much like the WWI-set previous iteration of the franchise.

Beyond that, if this is a look at multiplayer gameplay in action then the squad listing in the bottom left-hand corner of the HUD suggests that Battlefield V, at least in whatever mode this footage is taken from, has four-player squads. In terms of the gameplay mode itself, looking at the objectives bar at the top of the screen it certainly looks to be Conquest mode.

There's still one aspect of the game that Battlefield fans are asking for: the setting. DICE has spent some time teasing the era of Battlefield V, hinting towards a "new setting" for the game, but this teaser trailer certainly points towards the much-wanted return to WWII. Taking a look at the flags to indicate teams, the Union Flag of Britain and the German Iron Cross have had tweaks that could run closer to their Second World War designs.

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