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Last Updated: May 23

DICE's long-running first-person shooter franchise returns this year with Battlefield V. The acclaimed video game developer saw enormous success with the release of Battlefield 1 in 2016. It quickly outsold both 2013's Battlefield 4 and 2015's Battlefield Hardline.

And by taking place during WWI, the studio was able to circumvent the fatigue players were experiencing with modern-day shooters. Now, DICE is looking to build off all that success with the release of Battlefield 5 or Battlefield V, as was officially revealed not too long ago.

Battlefield V Release Date Set For October 2018

Battlefield 5's release date has been set for October 19 for Standard Edition units. Battlefield V Deluxe Edition releases a few days earlier on October 16, and those with EA Access will be granted a "play first" trial on October 11 - the earliest anyone can play the completed game.

Battlefield V is Set During WWII

Battlefield V is confirmed to be set during WWII. While the Battlefield series got its start in WWII with Battlefield 1942 in 2002, this will be the first time since 2009 that an installment has been set during the Second World War. It follows Activision's Call of Duty WWII from 2017, which became that series' best-selling installment since Black Ops II debuted in 2012. EA may be criticized for copying Activision, but the fact is, games take years to develop and this has most likely been in the works for quite some time, at least long before Call of Duty WWII even released.

Furthermore, DICE is looking to approach WWII differently compared to other games that take place during that time period. For instance, no other game has really explored the Norwegian front of the Second World War. That's just one example of how Battlefield V is attempting to differentiate itself from the crowd.

Battlefield V Has a 4-Play Co-Op Campaign

After skipping Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1, DICE is bringing cooperative play back for Battlefield V. The last installment to feature cooperative play was Battlefield 3. While that game allowed players to go through an online campaign together, Battlefield V's co-op mode will instead be a special mode that has squads go through certain conquest missions.

Battlefield V's co-op campaign is titled Combined Arms, and it follow a group of players as they play through randomized, dynamic missions that are self-generated, similar to Turtle Rock Studios' Left 4 Dead. So, in theory, replaying a specific map should produce a different experience every time.

Battlefield V Adds Fortifications & Female Soldiers

Battlefield V is not only a significant upgrade compared to 2016's Battlefield 1 but also a transformative installment in the overall Battlefield franchise. For the first time in the series' history, female soldiers will be playable and also have a primary role in the single-player and co-op campaign.

In addition to allowing playable female soldiers, DICE is significantly altering the landscape of Battlefield V by introducing a fortification system. Instead of spawning with a gas mask, players will now spawn with a tool kit that will allow them to build up defenses, fortifications, supply stations, and so forth (including sandbags and fox holes) throughout the map. Completely destroyed buildings also be refortified to repel another enemy attack.

To add onto this, players can now tow stationary weaponry and equipment placed throughout the map. If, for instance, a player wants to take an anti-air gun with them to far off point, they can attach it to a Jeep and start driving. And if they start to take fire while driving, they can have their buddy hop into the anti-air gun and use it while its being towed.

Battlefield V Won't Be Pay-to-Win & No Paid DLC

After the entire Star Wars: Battlefront II loot box debacle, EA and DICE are making sure that they don't make the same mistakes again. It was a transformative experience for the video game industry and something that desperately needed to happen. Even though Battlefront II isn't the only perpetrator in this matter, it just happens to be the game that got picked as the scapegoat. So, DICE is being cautious about microtransactions in Battlefield V.

Battlefield V's live service is called Tides of War, and it's designed to keep players coming back to the game over the next few years without spending another dime. That means free maps, free modes, free character and weapon additions; no more paid DLC. Moreover, EA confirmed that there are zero loot boxes or paid upgrades in Battlefield V.

Battlefield V Will Be Playable at E3 2018

EA is opting not to return to the E3 show floor in 2018 and instead will be hosting another EA Play - an event that allows the publisher to connect directly with their consumers. Tickets are free, but attendees must pre-register in advance to secure a spot to prevent overcrowding. In addition to showcasing the traditional sports titles, EA will also be providing hands-on time with DICE's Battlefield 2018 and BioWare's Anthem, which again is reportedly the WWII-set Battlefield V game. EA Play is being hosted at the Hollywood Palladium just outside the E3 convention halls in Los Angeles, CA, from June 9 to 11.

Battlefield V Trailer

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