Battlefield V's New Mercury Map & Weapons Have Been Revealed

Battlefield V Mercury Map Weapons

Battlefield V's new Mercury map has been revealed, alongside the new weapons that will be rolling out as part of the game's planned updates in the near future. Battlefield V recently released Firestorm, its take on the battle royale genre, and the multiplayer mode has managed to generate a little more interest in a title that has been plagued by critical failures in content rollout and mode implementation.

Firestorm mode has given players the ability to take on a gigantic, beautiful world map while piloting vehicles, engaging in deep, complex battles, and using realistic weapons against each other. It has been well-received as a mode even though it is also crucially late, arriving well after Apex LegendsFortnite, and others already solidified themselves as the de facto best titles in the genre. That tardiness has certainly hurt Battlefield V's standing in the genre, since many people have already committed to one of its competitors' offerings and gotten skilled in them without having the time to tackle a new challenge, despite the fact that Firestorm is a strong inclusion to battle royales.

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Perhaps what the game needs is an injection of new content to go alongside its new mode, so DICE and EA have announced the release of the Mercury map with a brand new trailer. The map is inspired by Mediterranean landscapes and has been rendered in striking color, with a landscape that provides several different ground levels, cover in the form of buildings and trees, and a pristine ocean to fly over and compete with other players in. Here's the trailer:

Mercury will release with Chapter 3: Trial By Fire. On top of that, the Battlefield V patch that released last week created a leak of new weapons that will be released at some point in the near future. A series of dogtag challenges task players to complete them with weapons that aren't actually in the game yet, mirroring the Firestorm leak that came about after challenges regarding it were released well ahead of the mode actually being implemented. Here's a breakdown of the weapons that will be coming to the game soon:

  • MAB 38 Master
  • S2-200M Sharpshooter
  • Karabin 1938M Sharpshooter
  • Lanchester Sharpshooter
  • Patchett Sharpshooter
  • Madsen MG Sharpshooter

That's a lot of sharpshooting in Battlefield V players' futures. There's no word on how these new Battlefield V weapons will launch, but it's likely they'll be rewards for the game's weekly challenges. They might even be tied into Mercury's challenges when the map releases on May 30. While the content here isn't beefy enough to justify calling it an expansion in its own right, it's still sizeable and could attract players back so that they give Firestorm another shot. Either way, Mercury looks great and continues the Battlefield V tradition of great map design, and should be fun to explore for fans jumping into the free map release in a few short days.

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Source: Battlefield/YouTube, MP1ST

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