Mark Strong Really Wants You To Play Battlefield V The Right Way

Mark Strong as Merlin in Kingsman The Golden Circle

Mark Strong has joined EA DICE's Battlefield V and is telling fans exactly how they should be playing the World War II game like only he can. The first-person shooter is only a matter of weeks away and is once again trying to set itself apart from other franchises like Call of Duty

As the dust settles on Activision and Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, all eyes are turning to Battlefield V ahead of its November release. Battlefield V has already caused a stir with claims of historical inaccuracy and the use of women in the game, but it still looks like it will be one of 2018's biggest titles. With EA DICE ramping up the marketing campaign, Strong is a big addition to the voice cast.

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The official Battlefield Twitter showed Strong's vocal warm-ups and hyped a new trailer reveal coming on October 16. Containing sensitive material, Strong can be heard shouting, "Play the f**king objective." It's a simple but effective way to make sure players stay on track without getting lost in Battlefield V's extensive backdrops.

Elsewhere, THR reveals that Strong will lend his impressive vocals to Battlefield V as a narrator. The 55-year-old will voice the prologue and epilogue of the single-player War Stories mode and help tie the various narratives together.

Known for his live-action work on the likes of Sherlock Holmes, the first two Kingsman movies, and an upcoming part in Shazam!, Strong is also no stranger to the world of video games. As well as voicing characters in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and Total War: Rome II, the actor is confirmed to play a part in the star-studded Squadron 42. After his part in Battlefield V, Strong will provide voice work alongside Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, and Gillian Anderson for the Star Citizen spinoff.

After 2016's Battlefield 1Battlefield V is heading into the trenches for a different period of history but will once again focus on World War II after the franchise's previous entries. As well as 2009's Battlefield 1943, the wholes series kicked off with a World War II epic in 2002's Battlefield 1942. While EA DICE is returning to the roots of Battlefield, there are plenty of new mechanics and gameplay to lure players back.

It's unclear who Strong will be playing or whether his part is just confined to bookending the game, but the trailer drop will presumably reveal a bit more. Using a big name like his is a clever way to hype Battlefield V's single-player mode, especially considering that rival Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 completely ditched its story campaign. Battlefield V was delayed by over a month and caused EA's stock prices to drop, but with a new trailer and Strong's performance teasing something new, the sprawling shooter should be back on track.

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Source: Battlefield Twitter/THR

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