Battlefield V Trailer: Here Are The Game's 8 Launch Maps

With Battlefild V just weeks away, fans can finally get a look at the eight maps that will be available from launch. From a leafy French backdrop to the dusty plains of Africa, the burning ruins of Rotterdam to a snow-capped mountain, Battlefield V will take players around the world from day one.

As DICE continues to hype Battlefield V's single-player War Stories mode in a competitive market where Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has gone fully multiplayer, that doesn't mean the long-running war franchise has forgotten its own multiplayer. Players managed to get their hands on some of Battlefield V's multiplayer maps during the game's open beta, but now fans can get a look at everything that's available from launch.

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Shared by the official Battlefield YouTube, the three-minute video starts off in North Africa before moving to France and beyond. The official list of Battlefield V multiplayer maps currently includes:

  • Hamada - North Africa
  • Aerodrome - North Africa
  • Twisted Steel - France
  • Arras - France
  • Rotterdam - Holland
  • Devastation - Holland
  • Narvik - Norway
  • Fjell 652 - Norway

As well as the eight multiplayer launch maps, the trailer also teased the arrival of a post-launch trip to Belgium. Coming as part of the "Tides of War" DLC expansion, Panzerstorm is inspired by the first major tank battle of World War II and will blow the Belgium countryside to pieces.

There's plenty to take in from the trailer and already sure to be a few fan-favorite maps. Wading through the water-logged marshland of France for Twisted Steel features the giant bridge that DICE has called the biggest structure ever created for a Battlefield game. Elsewhere, the dizzying heights of Fjell 652 takes the action to colder climes and offers a combat dynamic that is new to Battlefield. Finally, full-scale urban battles on the streets of Rotterdam promises to be even more challenging in a tank.

Although DICE has come under fire for the historical inaccuracy of Battlefield V, developers have done their research when it comes to the multiplayer maps. Looking at Rotterdam, DICE tried to recreate the cramped streets of the city as they were in 1940. No detail has been spared and the likes of Fjell 652 are also confirmed to include dynamic weather to make multiplayer gaming even harder.

If the eight maps haven't got gamers excited enough, the video also reveals, “These locations are just the beginning." While DICE clearly has a plan for the longevity of Battlefield V, the first offering of multiplayer maps is already an impressive roster of countries and different styles of warfare. Considering the co-op and battle royale modes won't launch until 2019, at least there is some form of multiplayer to get to grips with when Battlefield V hits Windows PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on November 20.

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