Battlefield V Firestorm Is Finally Arriving On March 25

Battlefield V Firestorm Release Date Trailer

Battlefield V Firestorm is finally arriving on March 25, months after the battle royale mode was first revealed. DICE released a trailer for the new mode to celebrate its upcoming release, showcasing what players can expect from Firestorm in two weeks' time when it launches on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Battlefield V has been on a downswing for months now, with players criticizing the Combined Arms co-op mode for being unimaginative while also attempting to deal with multiplayer glitches like the one that saw players able to kill an entire enemy team before a match even started. Firestorm is meant to capitalize on the ubiquity of the battle royale genre, but the market has gotten significantly tougher in the months leading up to that mode's release date, with Apex Legends already competing for a share of Fortnite's players.

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At least we know when Firestorm will throw its name into the conversation for hottest (no pun intended) battle royale game on the market. EA and DICE announced that the mode would make its debut on March 25 in a release date trailer that also shows off Firestorm's map for the first time. The trailer heavily features land, air, and sea vehicles, and seems to suggest that they will all play a significant role in Battlefield V's riff on battle royales. Here's the full trailer:

At the end of the trailer, a team is shown opening two massive, heavy doors. This seems to suggest that powerful tanks will also be available in Firestorm. That would be consistent with what was uncovered during a bit of datamining done by Battlefield V fans after Firestorm's tutorial leaked on YouTube. The Firestorm map will apparently contain major objectives that reward vehicles once they're completed, and given how much of a priority was placed on vehicles during the trailer, it seems like a safe bet that those objectives will be plentiful. The leak also suggested there will be artillery strikes and AI-controlled Stukas available as well, which feels more credible now that DICE itself has unleashed a trailer that's so heavily interested in showcasing Firestorm's vehicle features.

It's also worth noting that, less than two weeks away, DICE chose not to unveil a trailer that showcased any actual gameplay. It will be interesting to see what Firestorm plays like as a result. We've seen 'traditional' battle royale titles like PUBG suffer because of innovations that made Fortnite and Apex Legends stand out from the crowd. If Battlefield V Firestorm is saving a major gameplay announcement for closer to its release, it could generate the kind of momentum that the game needs to get players to give it a chance. In a genre that's so competitive, that's a victory in itself, although Firestorm will be aiming for much bigger and better things when it releases on March 25 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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Source: Battlefield Official YouTube Channel

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