Battlefield V Errors & Issues: How To Fix Them

Battlefield V is out now in early access, and players are encountering quite a few errors, issues, and general bugs that can be fixed with simple solutions. Electronic Arts and DICE's latest Battlefield game brings the fight back to WWII for the first time in nearly a decade, and it's something that Screen Rant calls the best shooter game of 2018 in our official review. Of course, thanks to DICE's plans to renovate the Battlefield series and make it more accessible for franchise newcomers, Battlefield V includes a number of features under the hood.

From player and weapon customization to fortification, Battlefield V is a new beast compared to past installments, but just like those previous chapters, it's still built on the Frostbite engine (presumably an upgraded version of Frostbite 3), which is now being used by all of EA's internal studios for their games. Unfortunately, as is par for the course, any new game on PC, particularly one that's built on the Frostbite engine (no matter how well optimized the game is), has issues that need fixing.

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Battlefield V's common errors and issues right now are mostly related to stuttering issues, player upgrades, and various other performance issues. Below are a list of errors, issues, and bugs, as well as their current, temporary fixes. Be sure to routinely check back as this article will be updated with more bugs and fixes as the game hits the open market.

Battlefield V Missing Online Access Error

Battlefield V's missing online access error - "You are not allowed to access online features" - is produced because of an issue with DirectX 12 that needs to be amended. For now, to bypass the error, simply disable DirectX 12 in the settings/options menu.

Battlefield V Stuttering Issue With DirectX 12

Another DirectX 12 issue that's currently plaguing players is stuttering, which is quite common for new multiplayer PC games, unfortunately. To make sure that Battlefield V doesn't stutter, for now, disable DirectX 12 and only play on DirectX 11. Furthermore, make sure the game is being played in fullscreen - not window - mode.

Battlefield V Fatal Error/Cannot Launch

Yet another DirectX 12 bug is causing a fatal error and isn't allowing certain people to even launch Battlefield V at all. Since the game can't be open, one way to work around the bug is to change the game's settings on the Windows side. First, open up File Explorer and go to Documents. Click on Battlefield V and open up PROFSAVE_Profile in the Settings folder. Then, search for GstRender.Dx12Enabled and change the number from 0 to 1. After saving, Battlefield V should be able to launch.

Battlefield V Your Trial Has Ended Error

Until Battlefield V launches on November 20, people who are playing the game are playing through various forms of early access. For the vast majority of players, they are on a 10-hour trial period through EA Access, but there's an error that's causing the trial to end early. If you're sure that the trial shouldn't have ended already, then, unfortunately, the only thing left to do is uninstall and reinstall Battlefield V.

Battlefield V Low FPS & Performance Issues

Optimizing the settings for a PC game can be tough, and it's no different for Battlefield V. If players are having FPS and general performance issues in Battlefield V, then the best thing to do is to switch all the settings manually. So, instead of having the game automatically be set at Medium, High, or Ultra, manually put the settings to the same levels. Furthermore, try turning off Future Frame Rendering to see if that helps. For some reason, it appears as though the game produces a bottleneck. This is, of course, assuming that players have already upgraded their GPU drivers.


Please note that the aforementioned quick fixes may not work for everyone. If there's something that's not on here but has worked, let us know in the comments and we'll update the article. Otherwise, many of the major errors and issues will require either an updated driver to be released or for DICE to patch the issue themselves, which they will do by priority and in waves.

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Key Release Dates
  • Battlefield V (2018 Video Game) release date: Nov 20, 2018
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