Battlefield V Early Access Dates, Times, & How To Play FIRST

Battlefield V releases on November 20, but players can get early access into Electronic Arts and DICE's new WWII shooter game through a variety of ways. One of the most anticipated video games this holiday season is undoubtedly Battlefield V, which marks the acclaimed franchise's return to the WWII era and setting in almost a decade. (The last Battlefield game to be set during WWII was 2009's Battlefield 1943.) While there's certainly a lot of anticipation, there's quite a bit of hesitation from gamers as well.

Part of the reasons gamers are hesitant about Battlefield V are due to its inclusion of women in combat and focus on customizations, despite the overall quality of the game - with regards to graphics and gameplay - being better than 2016's Battlefield 1, and that's partly because of DICE's introduction of new equipment and mechanics. While the Battlefield V beta allowed players to really dive into what DICE has created, the full-fledged game will be an even better opportunity to see how Battlefield V stacks up against other Battlefield games when it hits early access.

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Battlefield V early access begins this week and can be played on Xbox One and PC, with consumers being able to start playing on PS4 next week. People can start playing Battlefield V on PC as early as Friday, and there are a number of ways that can happen. Here are all the Battlefield V early access launch dates and how to play early:

  • November 9 (PC) - Origin Access Premier subscribers will have full access to Battlefield V on November 9. Unfortunately, the service is only available to PC users. UPDATE: EA made Battlefield V available one day early - on November 8 - for Origin Access members.
  • November 9 (PC & Xbox One) - EA Access subscribers can start their 10-hour Play First Trial of Battlefield V on November 9. All progress made during the trial carries over when players buy the game, if they do.
  • November 15 (PC, Xbox One, & PS4) - People who preordered Battlefield V Deluxe Edition can start playing the full version of the game on November 15. Since EA Access isn't available on PS4, this is the first time that PlayStation users can play Battlefield V in full.
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Anyone who doesn't subscribe to Origin Access Premiere or EA Access, or didn't preorder the Battlefield V Deluxe Edition, can start playing Battlefield V on November 20 - the game's official launch date. Battlefield V was originally scheduled to release in October, but DICE ultimately delayed it by one month in order to flesh out the modes and fix any and all kinks that were discovered during the Alpha and Beta periods.

Battlefield V launches with eight multiplayer maps and a handful of story chapters, but the Battlefield Royale and Combined Arms modes release in 2019, thus meaning that they'll miss the entire launch season. This may affect consumers' decision to purchase Battlefield V now, but people with early access can try out the game for themselves to see if it's worth buying.

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