Untitled Battlefield 5 Playable This June at EA Play 2018

Electronic Arts (EA) is bringing their next Battlefield game to EA Play this summer outside the convention halls of E3 2018. EA used to be one of the biggest publishers at E3, but as E3 has become more consumer-focused in recent years, EA thought it best to hold their own event instead. So, they've opted to bring their newest games directly to the consumers, giving them the opportunity to try out the newest titles, in person, months (if not years) before those games hit store shelves.

Every year, gamers in Los Angeles, CA can attend EA Play for free and try out a selection of EA's newest games, from a variety of their publishers. While those titles mostly include the latest EA Sports releases, EA does occasionally bring Triple-A titles to EA Play every now and then. Last year, they showcased Respawn's Titanfall 2 and DICE's Star Wars: Battlefront II, as well as the latest Battlefield 1 expansion. But now, it seems like the next Battlefield game will be taking the spotlight at the annual event.

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EA announced this morning that the "next Battlefield experience" will be available to play at EA Play 2018 this summer. The event takes place at the Hollywood Palladium from Saturday, June 9 to Monday, June 11; E3 begins the following day on Tuesday, June 12. Tickets will be available sometime this spring, prior to the event, but they will again be free to the public. Moreover, EA promises to implement a better ticketing system this time around in order to give attendees "better hands-on access to your favorite games."

Knowing that DICE's next Battlefield game will be showcased at EA Play 2018 is one thing, but what fans really want to know is, which Battlefield game is it going to be? Rumors suggest DICE is working on Battlefield: Bad Company 3, but other reports seem to indicate that the developer is heading back to WWII for their next Battlefield title. In either case, one thing gamers are wondering is if it will a battle royale mode similar to that of PUBG. After all, EA's CEO Andrew Wilson recently stated that the publisher is looking at the popular shooter game for ideas on how to innovate the Battlefield franchise going forward. So... Battlefield: Battle Royale?

Of course, Battlefield isn't the only game EA plans on showcasing. EA Play will also have hands-on access to all the EA Sports titles (again) as well as The Sims 4. Plus, the publisher says they will be providing an "inside look" at BioWare's Anthem. Even though Anthem was recently delayed to early 2019, EA still needs to promote the game ahead of time - and E3 2018 is one of the last opportunities for them to do so before the game debuts next year.

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