Battlefield V Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer Officially Revealed

EA releases the first official gameplay trailer for DICE's WWII-set Battlefield V during their pre-E3 2018 EA Play press conference in Los Angeles.

The Battlefield V multiplayer trailer is now online. Electronic Arts (EA) held their EA Play press conference in Los Angeles today ahead of next week's E3 2018, in which they unveiled their upcoming lineup of video games, particularly highlighting the latest installment in the long-running Battlefield franchise from Swedish developer DICE. The publisher officially revealed the WWII-set Battlefield game during a special event in London last month, which has since drawn considerable ire from consumers.

The worldwide reveal focused primarily on the scope of the new game as well as evolving the Battlefield franchise's level of customization, including adding female characters for the first time. That particular feature is what drew concern from franchise fans who believe that the developer is straying away from historical accuracy, despite the fact that they've said the game is meant to focus on the resistance forces from countries like France and the Netherlands (both of which did include female fighters). Furthermore, DICE revealed Battlefield V's Fortification system and many other modern upgrades - and now, they are showing off some footage.

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EA released the first multiplayer gameplay trailer for DICE's Battlefield V during their EA Play press conference today ahead of E3 2018 next week. The trailer can be viewed in the section above.

The latest Battlefield V trailer showcased some brief (HUD-less) gameplay footage as well as new cinematic content, giving players a new look at the upcoming WWII-set game. Some of the trailer's biggest highlights revolve around the upgraded gameplay and environment mechanics, such as sliding, affecting the surrounding environment, and the upgraded destructibility, not to mention the small town settings that will presumably populate the multiplayer maps. Plus, there are hints at the recently-announced Airborne mode that will show up in the title's Grand Operations - a new, more intense version of Battlefield 1's Operations mode.

Elsewhere in the trailer, gamers can see the towing mechanic in action, the updated air combat, and the new reviving system. One of the biggest changes to Battlefield V's teamplay is that now players can reach out to other players surrounding them after they are downed, which will allow their teammates to grab a hold of them and drag them to safety before reviving them. It's something that can become an important feature, especially in hectic situations in which reviving a teammate out in the open isn't the right course of action. Unfortunately, the new trailer didn't show off Battlefield V's just-announced Battle Royale mode, but DICE promises more on that front later this year.

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