Battlefield V Gets Its Missing Co-op Mode Today

Battlefield 5 Co-op Combined Arms

Battlefield Vs Combined Arms mode arrives to the game today after the content was initially promised during the game’s pre-launch hype but was among the modes missing on launch day. Battlefield V initially launched in late November 2018.

Combined Arms represents the next step in EA’s roadmap to remedying Battlefield V’s controversial reputation. As previously stated, the game launched with several key features and modes missing from the package. This includes the game’s yet-to-arrive take on the uber popular battle royale mode, Firestorm.

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According to the Battlefield V site, Combined Arms allows either solitary players or teams of up to three friends battle against AI opponents. The mode encompasses eight missions, each with four maps containing four objectives spread across them. Combined Arms features four mission types: Assassinate, Eliminate, Destroy, and Steal. In Assassinate, players must work towards eliminating a single marked target. Eliminate tasks squads with wiping out an area filled with foes. Destroy shares similar DNA to Frontlines in that players need to capture control points and destroy enemy artillery. Lastly, Steal centers around swiping enemy intel and escaping before getting discovered. Regardless of the mission, they all conclude by having players fight their way to an extraction zone. There, they’ll make a last stand against waves of enemies until the clock expires.

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The eight missions are spread between the Rotterdam, Twisted Steel, Hamada, and Arras maps. Thus, each map contains two distinct missions. Additional missions will arrive as part of Battlefield V's post-launch Tides of War content rollout. EA bills Combined Arms as a “great way” for newcomers to get their bearings before shipping off to the online warzone. Difficulty can be adjusted prior to deployment, and players can pick loadouts from existing Companies. Playing Combined Arms earns Company coins and XP. Daily Orders also appear for play in the mode.

As for the game overall, Battlefield V continues to endure backlash from some fans for its emphasis on including female soldiers. Detractors continue to claim that the gesture is both historically inaccurate and just a PC-motivated ploy. From inconsistent discounts alienating early adopters to the questionable timing on implementing cosmetic loot boxes, Battlefield V has been put through the ringer since its release. Despite these issues, the game received a generally positive critical reception and has been hailed as one of 2018’s premier shooters. Time will tell if Battlefield V can both retain and grow its audience once all of its promised content has been added. The game now competes with Respawn’s successful Apex Legends and will soon have Anthem vying for players’ online multiplayer attention.

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  • Battlefield V (2018 Video Game) release date: Nov 20, 2018
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