Battlefield V Open Beta Coming In Early September

Battlefield V closed alpha open beta

DICE is preparing to roll out the heavy artillery as it reveals the open beta version of Battlefield V will be released in September. While the heart of the long-running Battlefield series is still there, DICE has been trying out some new tricks with a batch of guinea pig gamers.

Battlefield V has just rounded off its closed alpha testing phase for PC, which gave a lucky few the chance to tackle the Arctic Fjord map that was first seen at this year's E3. Inviting Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 veterans alongside some key players from social media, the closed alpha allowed DICE to test the waters on a small scale before it goes in all guns blazing.

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Posting on the official Battlefield site, Live Producer Alexander Hassoon penned an open letter to players and revealed what DICE has learned from the alpha test. Although no exact date is given for the open beta, a release in September gives the game exactly a month until its full reveal on October 19.

According to the site, the closed alpha has already provided some invaluable feedback that will help developers tweak Battlefield V even before the open beta. Based on the closed alpha experience, DICE will be making adjustments to the likes of gun recoil and the changed buddy revive system. While the Medic revive will currently stay as is, buddy revives will be shortened by up to 2.5 seconds.

Elsewhere, there is expected to be more weapon balancing and a possible change to the TTK (Time to Kill) rates. Finally, the number of points needed to call in those crucial reinforcements will also be higher in the next round. Although both the V-1 Rocket and the Churchill Crocodile Tank were welcome additions to the closed alpha, DICE admits that some players found the V-1 Rocket a little too easy to call in and overpower the opposition. All in all, though, the test seems to have been a hit across the board.

As for what to expect next, the open beta will break beyond the snowy confines of the Arctic Fjord map and give gamers a better taste of what's to come. As the post reminds fans, the closed alpha showed only a small cross-section of the vehicles and weapons that Battlefield V has to offer. Excitingly, a new build of the game is also promised at August's Gamescom to reveal a little more.

Once again returning to the trenches of World War II, the shooter series is going bigger than ever to rival the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Across enemy lines, Treyarch has just announced its multiplayer beta for Black Ops 4  in August and news of a battle royale version in September. Closed alpha may have been a relatively small pool of players for Battlefield V, but the open beta will allow the masses to join the fray and put the sharp-shooting series back in their crosshairs.

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