DICE Is Still Figuring Out Battlefield V's Battle Royale Mode

One of the biggest announcements to come from the E3 2018 press conferences so far is that Battlefield V will feature a battle royale mode. It's not the most surprising move, as they've been clearly laying down the framework for it, but it's an important one nonetheless. However, details are currently scarce on what exactly the mode will offer. Screen Rant had the chance to talk to DICE Senior Producer Lars Gustavsson, and asked him about the upcoming mode.

Battle royale modes have been all the rage in competitive shooters ever since PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds became a hit. Since then, Fortnite has taken the mantle and has become the most popular multiplayer title on the market. Even gaming heavyweights like Call of Duty are looking to implement the mode, and Battlefield is the latest high-profile game to announce that they'll be attempting to cater towards fans of the genre.

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"To be honest, we haven't set a date yet," revealed Gustavsson when asked about when they'll start to detail the game mode. "We're still kind of laying out our - I've gotten the question about everything we're going to do post-launch, but we're still painting a picture and we also want to be agile and work with the community, see what they like, what do they want more of, how can we change it around? It's built on the pillars of Battlefield though." The longtime DICE employee was also unsure about the player count the mode will offer and how large maps will have to be to support it.

It's certainly interesting to see how differently both Battlefield and Call of Duty are treating their respective battle royale modes. Activision is marketing their Blackout mode as a key component of their online experience, while DICE is being quite upfront about the finer details still being up in the air. Clearly the mode can do big business for both games, and DICE are looking to their player base for guidance.

Whether or not the Battlefield V battle royale mode winds up being a success remains to be seen. It has a ton of potential if done correctly, and DICE seems hesitant to commit to any firm details at the moment. Time will tell whether or not they can find the best way to implement the survival-type mode into their popular first-person shooter or not. Currently, there's no real way to tell one way or the other.

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