2018's Battlefield 5 WILL Have a Single-Player Campaign

While it's still not official what exactly the Battlefield 2018 game will be, Electronic Arts has confirmed that the first-person shooter will at least have a single-player campaign. This announcement comes after rumors that the shooter's main competitor, Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, will be strictly multiplayer.

While we know that some sort of Battlefield game is releasing in October 2018, rumors are clashing with regards to what exactly it is. Back in March, a report seemingly confirmed that a World War II era game titled Battlefield V was in development at developer DICE's main Swedish studio. More recently, however, rumors from within Electronic Arts internally have swirled that the game is in fact Battlefield: Bad Company 3 by DICE's Los Angeles office. It's possible that both rumors are true, but that just raises the biggest question: which one is releasing later this year?

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Electronic Arts didn't bother to answer that question at today's first quarter earnings call, as a reveal is planned for the company's EA Play event in June. However, the company did tell shareholders that their new Battlefield shooter will in fact have a single-player campaign similar to Star Wars Battlefront II and Battlefield 1. No other details were given about what it will entail, but players should be able to expect a similar cinematic experience.

Announcing this news so early serves two purposes. Not only is it a good publicity move in the wake of Activision reportedly removing single-player from Call of Duty, but it also helps put to rest any fears that stockholders had. It also serves to get Battlefield more hype before the company officially unveils the new first-person shooter in June. EA has not always been the most beloved publisher, so any sort of pro-consumer news they can get is a huge win for one of the world's biggest video game publisher.

The next Battlefield title, be it a World War II shooter or Bad Company 3 will be revealed at the company's press conference in June. Electronic Arts has already announced that the multiplayer portion of the game will be playable at the EA Play fan event that will take place during the week of E3. EA Play has been the company’s answer to E3 for the past few years, as the publishing behemoth has foregone attending gaming’s biggest convention in an official capacity.

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